Sunday, September 9, 2012

Obama: I’ll work with Republicans if they agree to raise taxes

Obama: I’ll work with Republicans if they agree to raise taxes...

Uh, gee thanks Mr. Obama...I would think someone that formerly held a law license would be smart enough to understand the meaning of the word extortion. Oh wait...that is how you got Obamacare railroaded through, you promised to do certain things only if you got certain lawmakers support. Must be standard operating procedure for a community organizer.

While I promised myself I was done with politics after the Welfare Woodstock gathering in Charlotte this was just too good and too important to pass up.

Bottom line is Obama wants you to believe if he singles out and discriminates against one class of people and the percentage he gives has been no more than 3% it will somehow magically erase a 16 trillion dollar deficit...Run the numbers folks, cant happen. Impossible.

Obama's economic plan has no proven track record of success and the countries that it most resembles are countries whose governments have flipped in Eastern Europe or the lovely island nation of Cuba. The Cubans were so happy with their dictator they floated 90 miles to freedom just to share the good news with us! Something tells me they are sorry they came now...

Obama is a millionaire. According to Yahoo News Obama has taken more money from Wall Street than any President over the last twenty years. These are all facts. Vote any way you wish. I just think you have a right to know because after all - it is your money. If the Federal Government can now decide how much money you should have and what should be enough for your needs then you can start waving goodbye to your individual rights and freedoms as guaranteed under the Constitution. Since when is it a crime to work hard and be successful? Rob from the rich and give to the poor was a fairy tale...Financial reform places the burden on those of us that do not believe overdrafts are a constitutional right and are now paying for this economic wiz kid and his unproven "theory" with higher bank fees not to mention most economists predicting a worse recession for 2013 should the Obama economic adventure continue on past January...Thanks again Barry. Love ya babe!

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