Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Negroni's Trio On The Way AA Records 2012

Take the very best of world music then add a straight ahead jazz flair with just a touch of a more modern classical approach and you have the recipe for Negroni's Trio and their release On The Way.

The beautiful thing about On The Way is the seamless transition to various genres of music without stripping the listeners gears or approaching the all to often self indulgent virtuoso performance that while technically inspiring, artistically it leaves one cold.

For the uninitiated, Grammy nominee Negroni's Trio is celebrating their 10th anniversary with this their seventh release. Eight originals and two classic standards make up this stellar release along with special musical guests including Josh Allen on acoustic bass, Ed Calle on tenor and soprano sax and Federico Britos on violin.

The title track "On The Way" is an immediate head turner with a world music meets Herbie Hancock approach that defies accurate description. Layered three dimensional sonic flavor that fuses together an inspiring element of harmonic warmth. "Dancing With The Bass" features saxophonist Ed Calle. There is an infectious syncopated pop and percussive flair to this tune that seems to linger long past the last note. The reharm done on "My Way" is simply gorgeous. A wistful introspection has the tune dialed down but with the melodic line left mostly intact for an amazing reinvention of a well worn classic. There is a cinematic approach to "My Way" that has the tune searching for a fine feature film.

This is a somewhat conceptualized release with Jose and Nomar Negroni documenting their journey of making music together for the past decade as father and son. The self imposed limitations of genre are tossed aside for some of the finest music available today. A critics worst nightmare as there is no easy label one can affix to true artistry.

Tracks: On The Way; Matices; Blue Forrest; Estate; Dancing With The Bass; Oak Tree; Expression; My Way; Looking For You; Retrospection.

Personnel: Jose Negroni: piano; Nomar Negroni: drums.
Special Guests: Josh Allen: acoustic bass; Ed Calle: tenor & soprano sax; Federico Britos: violin.

Special Thanks To Jim At Jazz Promo Services.