Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Jazz Hangover - George Colligan and where careers go to die.

Love me or hate me...I am no hypocrite.

Recently 'wanna-be" leader George Colligan wrote what he admitted was a "harsh" piece on Amanda Palmer. The type of piece a frustrated "professor" writes when someone with even less talent than he has is at least smart enough to know how to make money at it.

On Colligan's blog he admitted paying a publicist "specifically" with the intent of getting a good review but then cried like a child when he didn't care for the writing. After calling him out for his hypocrisy on the Palmer piece given he accused me of the same with Nicholas Payton - a trumpet player from the Big Easy that has lost all relevance in the world of jazz - Colligan decided to get cute and come after me once again.

To Colligan's credit or stupidity that knows no bounds he acknowledged what I had previously said.
a.) his Palmer piece was too harsh
b.) he is widely considered nothing more than a better than average sideman and that frustrates him to no end.

And all this is "my" problem? Colligan has a long standing friendship with Nicholas Payton. Colligan then enlisted the services of Orrin Evans to come after me and out of respect to his label I won't go any further than that other than to say, it does not look well for Evans.

Colligan is everything wrong in the straight ahead jazz scene. An "artist" that panders to and hangs with and this is my personal opinion - low budgets like Evans and Payton to
a.) get gigs
b.) get press

You can make up your own mind.
Colligan in his second open letter to me admitted at his age (42) it is far too late to think about ever being a leader. He then goes on to rattle off something about making 22 records. If you are making 22 records on labels that are no longer in existence and with session players no one has heard of or cares about then how am I to be impressed? Colligan then takes the tremendous self righteous if not self serving leap of faith to invite me to break bread with him if I am ever in Portland.

I explained to George if music takes me to Portland it sure will not be to see him or better yet break bread with a hypocrite. While Colligan did lay low so as to have his "faithful followers" play attack dog for him he neglected to mention or acknowledge that I did give him high marks as a session player on the last Josh Ginsburg release on Anzic...Funny how that fact has slipt past unnoticed. Now he wants to send me music only available on iTunes? Most anyone can get their music on iTunes, hardly an accomplishment but he goes on to add that I won't like it. It is all most too funny and too sad for words. As it moved to the full blown flame war status and with Colligan no where to be found I disengaged. Some of Colligan's followers who would not dare post their names were taking some pretty low shots which comes with the territory but if I fired back then again - it's my problem how? The actual discourse between Colligan and I began on a very civil note, I'll blame his trolls for anything else.

Color me old school. No artist or woman deserves to be called a whore on any level and especially an attention whore when Colligan stands in support of two artists that are Palmer's male equivalents.

Want absolution? Go see a priest. Attack my credibility and objectivity then all bets are off. Ask Evans and Payton...

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