Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kait Dunton Mountain Suite R&I 2012

Recording quality is every bit as important in transferring the emotional quality of music as the musicians are in their presentation.

Los Angeles based pianist and composer Kait Dunton is the real deal with the help of engineer Rich Breen they have put together what may best define the term "organic" as applied to music in general and jazz in particular.

Moutain Suite is unique in that each tune has the ability to stand alone or to work exceptionally well as a sonic vehicle on for some, the jazz road less traveled. The musicians that accompany Dunton on this gem include Bob Mintzer on tenor saxophone, Peter Erskine on drums, Darek Oles on bass and John Daversa on trumpet.  Dunton creates a surprisingly open ended sound where the freedom to extract bits and pieces or to view this as a collective work is left up to the listener. Dunton is widely accepted as a rising star having been featured as one of "10 Future Female Jazz Stars" on Much the same as bassist Iris Ornig who is also featured on the same list, the future is now!

Having studied under such luminaries as Alan Pasqua and Vince Mendoza, Dunton takes their tutelage and in turn is developing her own compositional voice and at a rapid pace. Dunton's voice is incredibly lyrical with a deft touch on the piano but her compositional skill allows all the participants in this particular ensemble to shine. While the more traditional form and function of the straight ahead are highlighted there are occasions where Dunton slips quietly into a more neo modern classical approach, highly cinematic but never self indulgent. The conceptualized vision of Dunton began as a few measure of music composed in the Canadian Rockies which eventually morphed into a full suite of music.

Dunton best describes Mountain Suite as a journey. This sonic road less traveled reaches an apex with tunes such as "Frolic" and "Towards The Night" where the emotional quality of Dunton's work is best appreciated. Parts of a whole. The individual tunes capture and run the emotive range from deliberation to forward motion to discovery. Mountain Suite could easily stand as a personal sound track for Dunton's musical life thus far.

A young composer whose musical stock is an arrow pointing straight up with a work of exceptional significance in the modern jazz literature.

Tracks: Day One; Path; Enchantment; Frolic; Towards Night; Night; The Dream: Mountain; Return.

Personnel: Kait Dunton: piano; John Daversa: trumpet; Bob Mintzer: tenor sax; Darek "Oles" Oleszkiewicz: bass; Peter Erskine: drums, percussion.

Special Thanks To Michael Bloom of Michael Bloom Media Relations!