Friday, September 28, 2012

Gianni Insalata 4tet Work In Progress Dodicilune 2012

If in fact Gianni Insalata's 4tet is a work in progress than the end result would have to be staggering in scope.

A subtle elegance, a harmonic ambiance that brings each voice center stage without ever defining an actual leader which of course be Gianni Insalata. What is coming out of Italy from what we would consider here in the States as Independent artists would be leaps and bounds ahead of where we currently are here in America.

Strictly as a shared perspective in term of harmonic frame of reference, think Gary Burton and Pat Metheny. There is an open ended spatial harmonic texture that is rich and constantly working with a melodic sense of urgency while the over all feel of the release is something most tranquil. The yin and the yang of modern jazz. In speaking and working with numerous Italian artists they seem to continuously fight what they consider to be the "European" stereotype. Insalata's 4tet breaks free of any self imposed limitations and in turn reels off a release that is an individual statement that no matter what country you live in, a keen melodic sense can get you noticed quickly. Finding a nice melody is relatively easy while developing and perhaps more importantly allowing the melody to develop a natural more organic pulse is key to cracking the post modern jazz scene in the U.S.

For my Italian friends:

"Scheda del progetto, tracklist, a cura di Lori Albanese - ufficio stampa Dodiciune Records."

Gianni Insalata 4tet
"Work In Progress" (2012 Dodicilune) Gianni Insalata - batteria; Antonio Tosques: chitarra; Danilo Gallo - contrabbasso; Marco Pacassoni: vibraphone.

"Work In Progress" il nuovo lavoro di Gianni Insalata (dodicilune ed 294) segnalato quale uno dei migliori dischi del 2012 dall' agenzia americana di Coco Bucci

Gran bella recensione di LUCIANO BECCIA nella nuova rivista specializzata di batteria e percussioni "DRUMSET" MAG...DI GIUGNO.

From Brent:
"Canto Ancora: is percussive flavor unrivaled with amazing counterpoint supplied with Marco Pacassoni on vibes and Antonio Tosques on guitar. "Work In Progress" is a lyrically drive gem, progressive swing in a slightly twisted meter but always accessible while avoiding those pesky self indulgent sonic land mines some groups seem destined to trip to matter their good intentions. "The Vibe Friend" is dialed back just a touch with a rich harmonic flow and finesse. For those of you unfamiliar with the Italian jazz scene this may well be the poster child of everything good! Organic yet modern, a lyrical sense of purpose yet delightfully open-ended. A favorite release on any continent when it comes to modern jazz. A true work in progress or masters redefining their craft? You make the call...

Tracks: Lucia; Canta Ancora; 18 Lugio; Drilling Industry; Il Mare Nei Tuoi Occhi; Work In Progress; Song For My Mother; Caleidoscopio; The Vibe Friend; Albora.
Personnel: Gianni Insalata: drums; Antonio Tosques: guitar; Danilo Gallo: double bass; Marco Pacassoni: vibraphone.