Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fact check: 4.5 million new jobs created under Obama?

According to a story published in Yahoo News this claim was made earlier today at the Democratic National Convention. I was there...I heard the claim for myself:

"Despite incredible odds and united Republican opposition, our president took action, and now we've seen 4.5 million new jobs," San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro said in his keynote address at the DNC on Tuesday night.

This statement is utterly and completely false and misleading. Now I realize my site is devoted to jazz but as I am one of Obama's economic refugees I feel compelled to point out the factual error and blatant lie from those supporting the President. Why? To campaign for the lesser of two evils? No but to supply you with some factual data you can use to make up your own mind. To the dismay of some on the ultra right Obama has actually not done as bad as some recession era Presidents but for those of us who have lost hope and have but change in our pockets, the Obama claims are but empty and hollow promises of the original hope and change we were promised.

This economic malaise that former President Clinton ( impeached by the House ) still wants to blame on the previous administration is a simple debate tactic called deflection. When you are losing an argument and your position is but a sham then simply find either a new and different topic or simply blame the other guy with passionate rhetoric that does nothing to solve or even attempt to solve the problem at hand.

A stagnant economy effects the record labels as the pieces of that jazz pie are cut smaller and smaller. Musicians that normally could make a living as recording artists are now supplementing their income with teaching and from those I have spoken with only because they are left with no other option. You can not spend your way to prosperity. The most talented musician on the planet can not land a deal if the appropriate financing is not in place. If you take a job or join a band then you are given a short probationary period to see if you are going to work out as there are lines of highly qualified people waiting for you to stumble, same goes in Washington.

Here is the link so that you can make up your own mind:

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