Friday, September 7, 2012

Enrique Iglesias To Judge Idol? Looks Like It!

Normally I don't make mistakes, I date them...

Enrique Iglesias is an apparent lock for the judges table with American Idol. Only in America can marginal vocal talent sit in judgement over marginal vocalists. Evidently the word is Idol wants a four judge panel which failed miserably the first time they tried it. Along side Mariah Carey and Enrique Iglesias would be Keith Urban ( a choice that mystifies me since he has a lucrative career as a country music star ) and the cartoon character known as Nicki Minaj. I predicted a stream lined two person panel to absorb the ratings hit the show is destined to take but I may have missed the dart board on this one.

A mixed bag of talent to be sure with some on their way up and others musical footnotes or novelty acts at best. Carey and Urban are heavy hitters so the reasons behind these two are certainly something inquiring musical minds want to know. Iglesias showed some acting chops on Two and a Half Men and Nicki Minaj is chewing gum as you may enjoy the initial flavor but once it is used up you forget about it.

American Idol returns in Jan. 2013...I'll take the under this judging panel will last one season at best. Sometimes the creative well runs dry and this lineup at least for me is to quote an Iglesias line from Two and a Half Men, " like miking a dead cow."