Thursday, September 20, 2012

Deborah Shulman / Larry Zalkind Lost In The Stars The Music of Bernstein, Weill, and Sondheim Summit 2012

I don't often venture into the works of Bernstein, Weil and Sondheim...perhaps that could be the reason this particular recording with imaginative arrangements and the sophisticated vocals of Deborah Shulman is so organically delightful. The art of the melody seems to be an on going casualty in music but the ability to take on a tune such as "Mack The Knife" and dial it down to a gorgeous if not melancholy ballad is a beautiful thing.

Not to be outdone we have Larry Zalkind giving a stellar virtuoso performance on trombone while the arrangements of Ted Howe shine in giving fresh legs to some slightly shop worn classics. To "reharm" such tunes as "Mack The Knife" and "I Feel Pretty" without disrespecting the original is a magnificent display of understanding the conceptualized approach to melody and how it plays a vital role in this particular project. A surprising twist for jazz aficionados is that while the more Broadway oriented tunes presented are also backed up with such gifted jazz talent as Larry Koonse on guitar, Joe  LaBarbera on drums and off set with string players from the Utah Symphony in the form of Shulman's sister Roberta Zalkind and nephew Matthew Zalkind playing viola and cello respectively.

The performance contained here much like the composers they represent cross genre barriers with ease and a deceptively subtle sophistication rarely heard from in the day of the digital download. A unique hybrid release broken down into jazz, musical theatre and the more modern classical. If your school is lucky enough to still have music appreciation then this release should be required listening! An exquisite experience to be savored!

Tracks: Something's Coming; Lucky To Be Me; Mack The Knife; The Ladies Who Lunch; Children Will Listen; It's Love; I Feel Pretty; Losing My Mind; September Song; Ain't Got No Tears Left; My Ship; Leave You; Lost In The Stars; No One Is Alone/Not While I'm Around.

Deborah Shulman-Vocals
Larry Zalkind - Trombone
Produced by Ted Howe.