Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catching Up With Chuck Loeb - Esprit De Four The Interview Part 2!

Continuing my conversation with Chuck Loeb....
Part 1 can be found at:

Your compositions on Esprit De Four have a strong lyrical dynamic while maintaining a deceptively complex harmonic foundation. As a searching artist with a broad based background what is the most important thing you have learned since joining Fourplay?

C.L. - "Your assessment of my music makes me feel proud, because that is a characteristic I have always searched for in my music. The thing I learned this time made the CD with Fourplay is NEVER underestimate the effect of each musicians contribution to a song. What Bob, Nate and Harvey added to my compositions go beyond anything I could have ever imagined, as do the efforts and contributions of our engineer and mixer, Ken Freeman."

Finally, how easy or perhaps difficult was the decision to join Fourplay and what does the future hold?

C.L. - "When I was asked to join Fourplay it was very easy to say yes, as I had been (and continue to be) a huge fan of their music for the last 20 years. It also fit very well with where I was at musically at that moment.

I see a very bright future for the band, with the release of this new CD Esprit De Four as I think it will reach an even wider audience. Also- we have plans to pursue more orchestral arrangements, like the one we did in 2010 and I think that will be an exciting new path for us to go down.

Aside from that - we will continue to tour and record and bring our music to fans worldwide. Esprit De MORE!!!

I want to give special thanks to Mike at Concord / Heads Up for helping this interview to happen. Extra special thanks to Chuck Loeb for his valuable time.

Check out Firefly via You Tube for just a taste of what is in store on Esprit De Four!