Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Critical Perspective; Random Notes On Penn State & Twitter Bullying

Note #1

College football has kicked off with fans staying away in droves as some of the worst opening day games in years are on the slate for the first full weekend. A story you might have missed involving Penn State has a musical twist.

The Neil Diamond song "Sweet Caroline" which had evidently been a regularly played number over the stadium sound system during time outs at the games has been banned. Why has a seemingly harmless and slightly iconic pop song been banned? The point of contention are some lyrics which include, "touching me...touching you." A local disc jockey in an attempt to gain his fifteen minutes of fame is throwing the expected proverbial hissy fit wrapped up in the ideological flag of censorship, first amendment rights and of course the old stand by "freedom of speech." The bottom line is this, Penn State can play, not play, ban or even disregard music outside their marching band all together if they see fit. Much in the same fashion I can pull any review of an artist that may either cross lines of acceptible behavior on a variety of levels and based on reader reaction to same. Until you have or know of a friend, family member or even have experience abuse yourself on any given level then making an intelligent comment or opinion on the matter is next to impossible. Abuse is a serious matter and the effects can, will and do last seemingly forever in some cases. Did Penn State over react? That is not for me to say but I will say that showing sincere appreciation for the seriousness of the tragedy that happened on the University campus at least proves their heart is in the right place. I'll support Penn State on this one and continue to hope that the University continues to do everything in their power to move forward and handle all related issues in a responsible matter.

Note #2

With the Republican National Convention now a political footnote we will soon be treated to the dog and pony show of the DNC in Charlotte. How fun...
Tempers were at an all time high on twitter. I was previously followed by ABC News Night Line host Terry Moran however I subsequently kicked him to the curb using a story from his own network that proved not only was Moran not up to speed on his facts but was clearly guilty of liberal bias by most any reasonable account.

A drop in the bucket compared to the link to the news story I discovered on Yahoo News and what most of us in the States may consider a minor celebrity in Australia with a potentially tragic story of on line abuse. Before reading this link allow me to remind you that a twitter post is the property of Twitter much like Face book or even the free email accounts given to you by Yahoo or GMail. These free accounts require you adhere to their terms of service and if you think that using a alias will allow you to say things to people you would not have the intestinal fortitude to do face to face then think again...The story below is an important lesson for everyone.

Twitter does have certain safeguards in place and are far more on the ball than face book but no one should have an account unless they can supply a photo copy of legal i.d. confirming residence, their isp address and they must use their legal name...This alone would end spam as we know it. Twitter is not a personal playground - it is a business and should conduct itself accordingly. You can't open a free bank account without legal I.D. so there is not much difference with this idea. The Obama Administration has recently signed two executive orders limiting Government protest and giving him the right to pull the plug on the internet for any reason he deems is an emergency. If you think big brother is not watching...Think again.