Friday, August 31, 2012

Why I Stopped Writing About Politics...Terry Moran and his liberal bias.

Nightline Anchor Terry Moran "used" to follow me until I kicked him to the curb this morning using a story aired on his own network to prove his liberal bias. You can follow the thread. Perhaps calling Moran a "jerk" was not the most professional way to approach the situation but with the liberal twitter crowd all a "twitter" and passing out bad information - the chance to put this second rate talent in his place using an ABC network story again him was simply to good to pass up...Google Moran and you can find other inappropriate and liberally biased acts documented on his part. A reporter is to report the facts. The last time I checked Moran does not work in the op-ed section of a publication which would be the only place such blatant stupidity would fly and even then he would STILL be wrong...I'll take the over I kick at least ten more people just like him to the curb between now and the election. They call it collateral damage.

Terry Moran@TerryMoran
Romney never once mentioned the US men and women serving in harm's way at war in Afghanistan. If a Democratic candidate did that...

you dont hear obama yaking it up but wait...didn't he promise to bring them home. careful of the liberal double standard terry.

You have your facts wrong. Candidate Obama promised to send "at least two additional brigades" to Afghanistan. Look it up.

lol the best part is this story is from ABC his place of employment

Moran's boss must be so proud to employee a so called anchor that evidently does not even watch his own network.