Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The RNC / Racism, Jazz and the political double standard An update!

After going through four days of cyber detox it is good to be back...sort of.

Having fallen asleep last night clutching my Blackberry, I discovered some fun stuff on twitter this morning. A black camera man covering the Republican National Convention was called an "animal" by a couple of individuals and these same individuals were promptly kicked to the curb as they should have been. A young up and coming jazz musician was morally outraged ( you had to see it coming huh?) and was naturally assuming his rightful place under the banner of political correctness.

Against my better judgement I engaged and the conversation as it were ended with a pious self righteous declaration by this individual that at least "HE" was against all forms of racism. Hmmm. Something tells me if questioned on Affirmative Action, All Black Colleges including  their fraternities and sororities he would probably take refugee under the cover of "making up for inequities of the past" which is of course - horse shit. Legal racism and discrimination is just that and if you believe racism is ONLY  limited to white on black then your issues run far deeper than I can handle. There is a small but tightly knit group of black artists that avoid me like I avoid Thanksgiving at my sisters. Simply because I called them out after they railed against the "white" powers that be in the industry. The same powers that evidently pay their internet bill. Racism? Of course...

Artists in general and young artists specifically need to utilize social media with care. Let us do some math if you think your opinion is THAT important to your fans. Piss off five people a month who "may" have bought your new CD and that comes to a bare minimum of $228.00 for the year. If you factor in word of mouth not to mention if the publicity goes viral and it gets back to  your publicist then you can top a grand easy. Bad publicity is just that - BAD.

I have been told by more than one major publicist that social media is not something they encourage the artist to actively engage in. Example...Nicholas Payton. Something over 10,000 tweets and his last record BARELY made it in Jazz Week's top 200 and even then Jeremy Pelt's last two releases were still charting and well ahead of Payton. Granted that chart position is not necessarily a guarantee of a good record but if you want a label deal or to at least keep one then the smart money says never imply a music critic may be "o.k." with some forms of racism. The artists I speak of did this...I am a conservative Republican. I am not a member of the Tea Party and I have only set foot in a church 5 times in the last twenty years for weddings and funerals which are essentially one in the same but that's another topic.

Liberals scream for diversity the loudest but practise it the least. Had the camera man been physically assaulted or the "n" word used then I assure you my outrage would be equal to that of my former liberal friend. Odd thing...only CNN seems to think this was even news worthy and having been a reporter I don't think there is a story here at all. An irresponsible stereotype but not a story since the proper authorities handled the situation as it should have been.

Taking the moral high ground when none exists doesn't make you an enlightened person. It makes you an idiot from a career perspective alone. If you are a young artist with out representation of any kind - get some. If you have a publicist then inquire about social media managing, money well spent.

Better still, contact me I have learned from my mistakes and can build serious followers and weed out the dead weight faster than anyone.

All I care about is if you have a good product. Dr. King said he dreamed of a day when a man was judged by what was in his heart and not the color of his skin. Both white men and black men have killed that dream. Freedom of speech and the right to a personal value system is dead and political correctness killed it. I'll leave you with this...Obama has signed two executive orders in the last 6 months. One order places strict limits on protesting the government. The second order gives Obama the power to pull the plug on global communications in this country in the case of emergency yet he never spells out what constitutes an emergency. Hope and Change? Careful what you wish for America.

I Blog. You Figure It Out!

Yahoo News has finally picked up the story and while my former liberal friend had his facts wrong, evidently the camera person was indeed a black female and the two responsible were escorted off the premises. 2 people out of thousands does not and should not stereotype all conservatives any more than the DNC should be stereotyped simply because of the failed economic plans from the big book of Obama fairy tales. The smart money says alcohol was probably a contributing factor. While the behavior was indeed wrong, CNN is not commenting further on the incident. Even they get it right once in a while.

A second update...

The CNN Camera woman calls racism a "global issue" and does not attempt to stereotype or unfairly cast the illogical assumption that all Republicans act as stupid as these two individuals did. Not all Republicans are this stupid. Not all Republicans and evangelicals and when this is all said and done is nothing more than an isolated incident. Does it make it right? No. But even Obama refuses to blame his slide in the polls on race. If you gag at a knat and swallow an elephant you will live a miserable existence. I read one tweet from a highly respected saxophone player that he was concerned that there was not enough black delegates at the convention. Really? Given the fact the NAACP treated Romney like garbage at their convention. No one is keeping anyone out of the Republican party or convention. When President Obama tells the black community, "Don't worry I got your back" then just how many people did you think would show up? The problem is Obama does not have any one's back other than his own...