Saturday, August 18, 2012

Taking the moral high ground against Putin while Obama steals your internet.

I'm not a morning person. Nothing makes me reach for my soap box faster than a tweet by an admitted left wing radical want to be political writer expressing some kind of moral outrage over the sentence handed down to an all girl punk band in Russia. If you bother to read below you can see what is happening in your own back yard, you can look up the executive order I reference in the Congressional record and you should be scared shitless...If you honestly believe there is a fundamental and philosophical difference between Putin and Obama at this point then you are beyond reason and common sense. Common sense trumps naive ideology every time.

Recently, the Internet and talk radio have been buzzing about an Executive Order quietly signed by President Obama that allegedly authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to get ready to shut down all domestic communication in case of a declared national emergency. Let me repeat: All domestic communication, which includes “New Generation Systems” – a.k.a. the Internet – within the United States.
White House Executive Order 13618, signed July 6, 2012, and titled “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions,” could be used to prevent communication between U.S. citizens, allege some concerned, thus allowing the president to eliminate any and all opposition to his plans. You decide. The complete EO can be read here.
An article that recently appeared in Zero Hedge (“Guest Post: What Is President Obama So Afraid Of?”) connects the dots:
“Taken in conjunction with the NSA’s new Utah spy center (which will collect and archive the complete contents of every email, tweet, Facebook post, Google search, phone call and text message) and the National Defense Authorization Act, it’s clear that the Obama administration is expecting trouble from within.
Just exactly what qualifies as a “national emergency” is not clearly defined. But something tells me we’ll soon find out.
While I consider myself a conservative critic, in practise I am more of an Independent that hits from the conservative side of the plate. The complete link to this article is listed below. Should the Imperial President feel so inclined you could lose Internet connections, cell phone and virtually any and all electronic media will be shut down for a period of time not determined and reasons not defined as you read this. As I reported last week, Face Book is actively monitoring their site for potential criminal activity and while they play up the aspect and valuable public service of catching sexual predators - other communications are in fact being monitored as well. Research the Executive Order 13618 and decide for yourself. A free and open press could soon be a thing of the past...As the election nears and personal tension and animosity rise while on line you would be well advised to monitor yourself for content. Let caution be the word of the day next time you are on Face Book, Twitter, and any other social networking site...Big Brother is watching. Posts are the property of Face Book, they are not considered personal private communications. Flame wars and trolls are simply not worth the time or the trouble. God made the block feature for a reason. Use it wisely.

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