Monday, August 20, 2012

Shimrit Shoshan / In Mememorium. R.I.P

Today like many in the jazz community I learned of the passing of 28 year old Israeli pianist Shimrit Shoshan. A brilliant talent, a dear sweet person and she will be missed by everyone whose life she touched. Below is my review of her debut release and a link to our last interview. May god bless the family and friends of Shimrit Shoshan during this difficult time.

Shimrit Shoshan Keep It Movin' 2010

You can not judge a book or in this case a compact disc buy it's cover. Far more than just a sexy little number Shimrit Shoshan is a rising star in the world of straight ahead jazz. Shoshan brings talent, technique and tremendous compositional skills that make one think of Chick Corea as a  potential musical frame of reference here. The band:

Shimrit Shoshan - Piano
Eric McPherson - Drums
Abraham Burton - Saxophone
John Hebert - Bass ( tracks 3,4,6 )
Luques Curtis - Bass ( tracks 1,2,5,8 )

Israeli born pianist Shimrit Shoshan moves to the head of the pack with this stellar release "Keep It Movin'." An aptly named recording as there is a constant sense of forward motion, melody and at times a whimsical melancholy bordering on straight ahead "sass" and this adds some pop and swing to the otherwise mundane piano trio settings most of us are accustomed to.

While the accompanying musicians add the appropriate depth and texture and all give standout performances in rounding out this impressive disc it is perhaps the compositions of Shoshan that if possible, over shadow her immense talent behind the piano. With seven of the eight tunes on "Keep It Movin'" having been penned by Shoshan it is clear her presence if not future on the traditional jazz scene is not only a given but will continue to grow and expand as her artistic talents take flight.

Shimrit Shoshan has like many musicians on the New York scene worked countless "odd jobs" while pursing her passion. I am well aware with the concept of paying ones dues but am also a firm believer in time as an arbitary prisoner of those lacking vision, drive and determination which Shoshan seems to have in abundance.

While the stock market is far from certain, the future of Shimrit Shoshan would seem to be a musical given. One of the most gifted new talents in a decade. Shoshan's musical stock is one with an arrow pointing straight up and if this were indeed a marketable commodity:

Shimrit Shoshan is "Uptown with flair!"

Just an example of her fine work from a You Tube Video.

check her out at

My Interview with Shimrit Shosan from August of 2011