Thursday, August 30, 2012

Protests? What Protests at the RNC?

In honor of the failed protests and the naive Ideological folk that believe it is perfectly fine for the government to tell you just how much money is enough for you to have - this one is for you!

I'll tell you something I'd really like to get behind: It's that Occupy Wall Street, Portland Oakland, and other places movement.  I'm one of the 99%, so count me in.
Of course, first someone will have to explain it to me since they have never really made it clear what the goals are and what the end game is.  But as soon as they can articulate a tangible plan and anticipated outcome from this, I'm in.
That sleeping in tents stuff looks fun too. I'd do it too except I live in  a house, so….
Those Porta-Johns look pretty inviting. That was a great idea.  Me? Well, I've got a bathroom right inside my house that I mentioned earlier so I'll probably just use that. But if I ever come to your sleepover in the park, I'll be right there in line with you.
But let me be clear! As soon as I know why we're doing this I'll be there with you all day doing nothing and waiting for something to happen. Well, not all day. In fact, days are bad for me because I'm looking for  a full-time job to pay my own way which would include a residence with the indoor plumbing.
So good luck to you, Occupy Whatever. It looks fun, but I guess I'm just not a joiner.