Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bonnie Kane & Chris Welcome Duo Sonic Dream Worlds 2011

Guaranteed to melt your brain and for some of us, not a bad idea. Abstract labels such as experimental and avaunt garde were dreamed up by critics that simply did not have a clue as to what the artist was doing, their intent nor did the record labels have the ability to arbitrarily categorize the works as it suited their retail needs. Again, music is a business like anything else with units sold = paying the rent. So...what do we have here?

Think of this sonic brain wash as Jimi Hendrix meets Albert Ayler. One of my pet peeves in music would be the crutches that some producers rely on and these include but are not limited to programming, the over use of compression to sanitize the music for your protection and various other gimmicks that serve no real artistic purpose other than to make the music more commercially palatable to the unsuspecting audience. Sonic Dream Worlds is all most a retro step back in time with the use of distortion, feedback and "noise" combined with an improvisational instrumental technique utilized to attack both the visceral and cerebral of the listener. They make you think and this is a good thing.

So in a day and an age when no one is truly happy unless there is an abstract label placed on what may be undefinable, how about space jazz? The expansive yet lyrical directive seems to implode through sound and while tossing most commonly practised or understood theoretical principals concerning harmonics out the window and thus begins the adventure of working the sonic high wire without a net, what is this music? Is the intent to go past the norm creating a focus on the creativity of sound in its purest form? There is nothing to understand in this particular session. The listener has but one responsibility and that is of course, to listen. Saxophonist Bonnie Kane contacted my office to consider giving this release a test drive as she admired that I have minimal fear in stepping outside my musical comfort zone. Chris Welcome's mastery of transformation of traditional harmonics into a cerebral jump start for the mind is stunning. Bonnie Kane is fearless on tenor saxophone.

A myriad of tags have been thrust upon this effort and they include avaunt core, noise, psychedelic, industrial and wondrous. The correct answer may be f.) all the above.

For more information on this most mind bending of duos you can contact them or

This is not jazz for the faint of heart but when given the opportunity it is always a positive to push your own musical boundaries much as do Kane and Welcome.

Consider this one of my sonic roads less traveled and richer for the experience.

Tracks: A Place In Altered Time; Frequent Gatherings; By Way Of Other Means; The Common Low.