Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A word from Sean O' Bryan Smith...

I had the pleasure to interview bassist Sean O'Bryan Smith and you can read the interview by clicking on the link below. I've been called a naysayer but allow me to say this. I am a Conservative. I consider myself spiritual, not necessarily religious. Not all Conservatives believe in the Tea Party or are Evangelicals...3 and one half years to get an album out with Chuck Loeb and Randy Brecker playing? Is there a religious double standard? Is there such a thing as politically correct diversity? Some labels are promoting (in the jazz genre) releases that are demeaning to women and racially polarizing. Then there are artists that hide behind religion. Sean walks it like he talks it... One executive said and I quote, "If it stirs the pot that's all that matters." Before someone mentions the separation of church and state read the Constitution because you will not find those words. The establishment clause clearly refers to the separation from the Church of England. Worship how you choose and remember those that scream for diversity the loudest practise it the least!
A word from Sean O'Bryan Smith....

As most of you know I have been an extremely busy boy lately. Things are extremely exciting right now and it has been quite a journey to get here. You've seen me post or talk about in interviews about the fact that the album has taken 3 1/2 years to release. This centers around the fact that three major record labels put holds on the album which means they wanted to have the right to release the album at some point. All three labels sat on the problem and ultimately passed due to the fact that this is a faith based release. That was 2 1/2 of the 3 1/2 years. The solution ended up being us releasing the album on our own record label Groove Therapy Records and then we proceeded to hire the best publicist and radio promoter in the industry plus aligned with an international distribution deal. These are all great things but this is also where life gets bustling and we can use all of the help we can get. It is imperative to the survival of the label that we sell albums and downloads and continue to grow our marketing and radio campaigns so that we can spread the music. This is one area where you can help. If you haven't purchased the album you can do so now at CdBaby, iTunes, Amazon or http://www.seanobryansmith.
com/ . Every little bit helps. Even if you just download one single it adds up and we can continue to grow the label and support our artists.

Possibly the biggest steps forward are in booking appearances. We are booking shows throughout the US and abroad and we are looking forward to where we end up. Again these are areas we'd love for you to get involved with us. If you have contacts at venues let us know and don't forget that we are also doing house concerts and will come to you if you want to host. Just email or message us for details at www.seanobryansmith.com .

In addition to touring I am extremely excited about a brand new program we are launching called Reflection Music Mission. Reflection Music Mission is a way for us to give back to the communities across the globe. We will be doing this through three separate ventures. The first step will be a US tour of clinics at high schools and colleges. We are partnering with our friends at The Artist Outreach so that we can offer these to schools that may not be able to typically be able to afford to have national artists come teach. I'm very excited about this venture and giving back to the next generation of musicians is extremely important to me.

The next venture is a series of music mission trips to different countries across the globe. We have teamed up with Kenn Hughes and Camp Kirkland to help promote their charity the Global Missions Project. This is a spectacular organization and we are excited about touring in support of their efforts into a number of countries. I am planning to travel with GMP next Fall to Portugal and we are talking about taking my group to Mexico as well. These efforts tie directly into my third effort and that is our gospel jazz ministry.

Because of the subject matter of Reflection a huge focus of our efforts is to spread our celebration of worship .. This effort is centered around us touring and performing at churches across the globe. This is one area where we greatly need your help. Gospel jazz is still a relatively new form of worship and we need your input on churches that might be receptive to us coming and leading worship and/or performing. We are blessed that some pivotal churches are in the process of booking us but it is only the beginning. Please message us and/or email us if you have any suggestions on churches for us to perform at. If you have a contact that is even better.

Finally, the efforts of all three of theses will be structured under the Reflection Music Mission. Because all of these are centered around  us giving back to the communities of the world sadly the budgets are not always there for us to do so. This is where we are going to need YOUR support more than ever. In the coming days, the Reflection Music Mission web page will be available at www.seanobryansmith.com .On this page you will found out more on how to give and what we need. You will find out how your contribution can help cover expenses to teach a child more about the arts, pay for a musicians to go into a struggling country so they can share their gift or help support a new form of ministry. Most importantly YOU can make a difference in lives globally in a very special way.

For more information on our musical partners check the links below. Otherwise thank you for your support and PLEASE SHARE THIS! You can help us make a difference.

The Artist Outreach www.josephvincelli.com/music-

Global Missions Project www.globalmissionsproject.com