Friday, July 13, 2012

Steven Tyler leaves American Idol. Oh yeah, J-Lo split too.

I have to admit when Simon Cowell left American Idol I said that is it. Bag it and tag it the show is done.

Other replacement judges that I will not even take the time to name here were the equivalent of watching paint dry but the addition of Steven Tyler was a shot in the arm both the show and perhaps most importantly Aerosmith needed to get a handle on just how important their music was at this stage in their life and career.

The music won out and Steven Tyler has returned to Aerosmith with a vengeance.
Jennifer Lopez has also split. An average singer with better than average looks, Lopez still lacks some of the pop and credibility that Tyler brought to the table. So who is up next in the shooting gallery that has turned into the judges table? The latest rumor has Randy Jackson leaving shortly and with auditions in the initial phases things could get interesting.

I had the pleasure of working as a P.A. on Season 8. A finer bunch of people you will never meet and we here at @criticaljazz wish them all great success and happiness.....Oddly enough, it was that experience with American Idol that was the genesis for this site. But the question remains, just how many times can you re-tool the same show and still have it as a viable entertainment commodity? Fasten those seat belts!

From this years finale....