Sunday, July 8, 2012

Russ Lossing Drum Music Sunnyside 2012

There has always been a simple yet deceptively complex elegance to the music of Paul Motian. With a stellar outing of solo piano work dedicated to the music if not life and times of one of the finest jazz drummers and composers the world has ever known.

Russ Lossing is releasing Drum Music on June 17th which is a solo piano effort covering tunes they played together in Motian's quintet as well as Lossing's trio and of course the odd gig in and around the Big Apple. Lossing played with Motian for twelve years and the impact on both his style and interpretation of Motian's music is more than obvious even to the casual listener.

The set up and genesis of this recording is subtle and minimalistic with Lossing simply telling the engineer to "roll tape." No more need be said. A sublime recording dedicated to a true musical genius and as I have often said, "Genius reviews itself."

Tracks: Conception Vessel; Gang Of Five; Last Call; Fiasco; It Should Have Happened A Long Time Ago; Mumbo Jumbo; Olivia's Dream; Dance; In Remembrance Of Things Past; Drum Music.

Russ Lossing: solo piano.

The music of Paul Motian.

A 2011 concert featuring Paul Motian on drums and Russ Lossing on piano.