Friday, July 13, 2012

Heiner Goebbels Stifters Dinge ECM New Series 2012


Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture

While the reference above has been attributed to everyone from Duke Ellington to Martin Mull it may well best some up the cerebral wonderland that is Stifters Dinge from Heiner Goebbels. Perhaps the most eclectic adventure into the realm of the visceral and cerebral coming together into a contemporary sonic exploratory that exists in all forms of media.

A sonic three dimensional depth of field containing an eclectic variety of tonality with varied form and function and text left open ended for listener interpretation. Post modern classical gone wild or a brilliant display of the merging of technology and its application in our society. From Bach to Strauss to Malcolm X this moves from "release" to "experience" in a stunning and imaginative transformation through a sound scape of effects both intentional and perhaps not. A dramatic presentation that is indeed the more traditional critics worst nightmare and for those that perhaps prefer something closer to John Cage then you may be in a musical comfort zone the likes you have never experienced before.

There will be a handful of critics that will simply tag this as "experimental" and move on while there will be some that will avoid this dramatic presentation simply because there is no possible genre, label, or musical frame of reference that can accurately describe this work as perhaps Goebbels intended. Open ended.

Originally a multimedia work for theatre the transition to pure audio is inspiring and captivating while the journey offered is not for the faint of heart, the rewards of a intense and dramatic impression await the listener with an open mind.




Spoken Word.

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