Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grant Geissman Bop! Bang! Boom! Futurism 2012

Grant Geissman

Bop! Bang! Boom!

Much like the quirky cover art, this release has it all! An incredibly eclectic follow up to Say That! and Cool Man Cool, Geissman's music transcends genre and the self limiting labels that often plague artists their entire career. When you speak of career then Geissman's musical resume is a mirror image of the diversity found on this killer release.

Geissman co-wrote the Emmy nominated theme for Two and a Half Men and Mike & Molly. As a first call studio guitarist, Geissman has bent a string or two for such luminaries as Quincy Jones, Burt Bacharach and is of course the now classic guitar solo on the Chuck Magione hit "Feels So Good." Now that those of you playing at home are perhaps a little more up to speed lets talk about:

Bop! Bang! Boom!

Not the stereotypical solo jazz recording some may expect and something tells me Geissman likes it that way as a few friends dropped by to help out in the studio. While pulling from a myriad of influences the end result is something similar to a jazz gumbo where one can find more flavor and texture and even a little spice with each spoonful. Helping out are Tom Scott, Larry Carlton, Albert Lee, Russell Ferrante and Van Dyke Parks and together they help Geissman pull from some of his heroes including Eric Clapton, Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell.

"Boom" opens this delightful set of tunes with a harmonic edge that brings out a cool Thelonious Monk like vibe from saxophonist  Brian Scanlon with the edge coming from a more blues infused Geissman tone. A perfect marriage of opposites fusing their harmonic vision on the same musical page. "Singularity" is a blast from the past steeped in the tradition of a Kenny Burrell like riff but done as more of a harmonic exploratory by Geissman. "Q-Tip" is guaranteed to make your musical back leg shake provided flash fried funk with a boogaloo organ shuffle tossed in for flavor is what you dig. Tom Scott slays a soulful tenor solo while Geissman goes even deeper into that harmonic gig bag of his. Geissman turns in some beautiful nylon string work on "Samba En Menor" and "Un Poco Espanol" but the six string pyrotechnics are taken to another level with "Texas Shuffle." Albert Lee and Larry Carlton join Geissman in a three way jam session that will melt your speakers. There are surprises galore on this release and not a single missed step along the way.

Very few typical jazz releases could be considered one of the years best across multiple genres - this is one!
An absolute must!

Tracks: Boom!; The Singularity; Q Tip ( For Quincy Jones w/ Tom Scott; Un Poco Espanol ( w/ Russell Ferrante); Go To The Window; Good Morning Mr. Phelps (w/ Russell Ferrante); $25 Stella (w/ Van Dyke Parks & Doug Lacey; Texas Shuffle (w/ Albert Lee & Larry Carlton); Samba En Menor; Guitarism (for Ron Purcell); Take Yer Time (w/ Chuck Lorre, Dennis C. Brown & Mike Finnegan; Off The Grid (w/ Tom Scott).

Grant Geissman's L.A. -based band: Brian Scanlon: saxophone; Emilio Palame: piano; Ray Brinker: drums also including Kevin Axt & Trey Henry: acoustic bass; Alex Acuna & Brian Kilgore: percussion; Tom Rainer: piano; Doug Lacey: accordian; Greg Mathieson, Jim Cox, and Mike Finnigan: hammond B-3; Leland Sklar: electric bass.  

5 Stars!

Special Thanks to Michael Bloom of Michael Bloom Media Relations!