Monday, July 30, 2012

David Sanborn Never Enough The Anthology Rhino 2012


For those of us that are forty something or pushing it just a tad past, David Sanborn may have in all likely hood been our introduction at least to the more contemporary side of the jazz street. Then Again is a very special two-disc set that has just dropped and is a most comprehensive look at the quarter of a centurty that Sanborn spent at both Warner Brothers and Elektra Records.

Unlike most artists of his stature who leaves the details up to his publicity people or even the label, Sanborn hand picked these gems himself. Disc one includes a killer live version of the classic "Hideaway" along with choice studio cuts of "Since I Fell For You" and "Bang Bang." Disc two includes three more studio delights with "Lotus Blossom" along with the classic "Try A Little Tenderness" and the duet with Bob James entitled "Never Enough."

So is a two disc set of one of the godfathers of modern contemporary jazz too much? Not here with Sanborn having paid great attention to detail and including some special surprises. The good folks at Rhino never fail to please in packages such as this and with an artist who is as devoted to his followers as is David Sanborn neither does he. There are some previously unreleased tracks, some great live cuts all mixed in with the studio tracks that are staples in the contemporary jazz genre. A bargain and a must for the contemporary enthusiast! David Sanborn may well be the first contemporary artist in jazz to establish at least the possibility of cross over success both on radio and in film and television appearances and this collection is proof positive as to why!

Disc One: The Whisperer (Album Version), Benjamin (Album), Lisa (Album), It's You (Album), Love Will Come Someday (Album), As We Speak (Album), Hideaway (Live), More Than Friends (Album Version w/ Bob James), Maputo (W/ Bob James), Since I Fell For You (Album Version w/ Bob James & Al Jarreau), Chicago Song (Album), The Dream (Album), So Far Away (Album), Bang Bang (LP), Missing You (LP).

Disc Two: Back Again ( Album Version); Rain On Christmas (Album); A Tear For Crystal (Album), Lotus Blossom (Album), The Water Is Wide (Album), Snakes ( LP Version), First Song, Try A Little Tenderness (LP Version), Never Enough (Album Version w/ Bob James), One In A Million (Album), Straight To The Heart (Album), Goodbye (Album); Let's Just Say Goodbye (Album), Anywhere I Wander (Album).