Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cassandra Wilson Another Country Eone 2012

A new label, a new producer and it terms of sound - I am still working that out.

Genre, sub genre, and industry induced limitations of the bag it and tag it philosophy of most record companies can be career killers for some artists. Wilson has always had the chameleon like ability to navigate in an around genres while embracing jazz or the occasional blues infused sensibilities that keep her devoted fans coming back for more.

Another Country has Cassandra Wilson shattering the musical glass ceiling and breaking down sonic barriers as well or better than any artist I can recall. Pop, jazz, blues, urban influences and even something that borders close to contemporary easy listening. The ebb and flow is spot on. Wilson gives us texture, flavor and perhaps the most artistic release to date. is "different." Those that only equate Wilson's gift with that of a formidable jazz singer may have to give this release a second or third listen. The collaboration with jazz guitarist and producer Fabrizio Sotti is a thing of beauty and may well have Wilson set up for a second career. While " O Sole Mio" may have been the only fly in the ointment here, the delightful acoustic arrangement works and simply highlights another layer to Wilson's prolific abilities.

A purely jazz record? No...Does it have to be? No...Is it worth a listen? Yes!