Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bob Mintzer Twin Tenors Novus 1992

Worst thing about the record?
a.) too short.
b.) it was not turned into a double live set.

Outside of that you would have to look long and hard going back to the one Sonny Rollins/John Coltrane cut on Tenor Madness to do much better. Let's changes on "Giant Steps" then the release just keeps getting better and better.

It terms of the music? "The Saxophone" is a blues infused tune by Mintzer dedicated to all us poor slobs that only wish we were as good. To quote Minter, "The blues is to the saxophone what Mozart is the the symphony orchestra." The first version of "Giant Steps" goes through an incredibly respectful reharmonization with delightful results. "Tenorman's Lament" is a slightly mysterious sounding tune dedicated to the great Wayne Shorter and has that same type vibe so familiar in most Shorter Compositions. "Sonny" is essentially a riff on "St. Thomas" and of course dedicated to Sonny Rollins. One of the better if not my favorite tunes on the release is "Three Little Words" which was a tune done so well by the great Lester Young.

If you play saxophone, like saxophone or know someone that does then this release is a must for any collection. A flawless set played by some of the finest musicians of our generation. Sadly some have passed on but this release is a beautiful and lasting legacy to their great work and inspiration.

5 Stars.

Tracks: The Saxophone; Giant Steps ( Version I); Three Pieces; Tenorman's Lament; Two T's; Sonny; Body And Soul; Everything Happens To Me; Three Little Words; Giant Steps ( Version 2).

Personnel: Bob Mintzer: tenor saxophone; Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone; Don Grolnick: piano; Michael Formanek: bass; Peter Erskine: drums.