Thursday, July 19, 2012

Aleks Girshevich Trio Tomorrow 2012

The sun will come out tomorrow...

Not the same tune as the title track but every bit as melodic and harmonically captivating as the tune from Annie. The Aleks Girshevich Trio will release Tomorrow  on August 14th, 2012. This is a delightful and evocative hybrid of a musical happy place between jazz and a more modern classical approach. Oh, did I mention the ensemble is named after the eleven year old drummer-percussionist Aleks Girshevich? Age is but a number adding more credibility to my belief swing, innate swing is something you are born with. Swing and lyrical playing including those working behind the drum kit can and are taught but the groove gets lost in translation. Not here...

Young Aleks Girshevich is a prodigy in every sense of the word. Aleks Girshevich is fortunate to have his father holding down the position of pianist. Vlad Girshevich has the ability to compose to the skill sets his son posses, the end result is a brilliant harmonic color palette with a subtle yet intense lyrical direction. Critics especially love making comparisons and using certain artistic frames of reference. The Aleks Girshevich Trio plays outside the box sidestepping convention effortlessly and with an ebb and flow one might hear on a release from the ECM label just to give a vague frame of reference from which to consider.

Aleks swings with a Latin perspective, Cuba and Brazilian influence beats driving what some would consider a eastern European sound that of course varies in presentation from the norm here in the United States. Two of the finer tunes are "Fragility" which is a tender and poignant ballad and "Broken Promises" which is a vibrant tune with the groove kicked up a notch will be leading the way on jazz radio to help announce a new shooter in the formidable and tightly clustered pack of piano trios. "Chamber jazz" has been used to describe the sound, the magical if often failed attempt in fusing jazz with modern classical. More often than not "Chamber jazz" is as predictable as a three car pile up at a Nascar race but not here. Texture, distinct lyrical direction and a rich sonic color palette all combine to paint a sublime picture of the possibilities that still exist with the piano trio format.

A first rate 5 star release. Virtually flawless but the You Tube video should give you the best perspective from which to judge for yourself. Eleven year old prodigy drummer Aleks Girshevich from Feb. 2012

Tracks: Strange Memories; Tomorrow; The Other Side; Fragility; Broken Promises; 222; Where Were You; Dithering.

Personnel: Vlad Girshevich: piano; Aleks Girshevich: drums; David Arend: bass.