Thursday, June 7, 2012

Phil Cavalieri The First Third 2012

I was first contacted by Phil when he noticed the section on my web site where Independent artists were more than welcome to submit their work for review. Completed work along with jpegs, artistic credits where applicable etc. Your teacher never let you turn in incomplete homework did they so why should I? My first impression of Cavalieri in our cyber back and forth was that he was a humble person, confident in his talent yet realistic in that taste is subjective.

Cavalieri's formidable skills were formulated when jazz-rock was at its peak. So who does he sound like? He sounds like Phil Cavalieri of course. Musical frames of reference are a somewhat dangerous game to play remembering subjective taste and the distinct possibility your readers may not necessarily be as well versed as you are with certain genres or artists but Cavalieri could easily be referred to as a technical if not artistically gifted hybrid of Mike Stern and John Scofield. Clean angular lines of lyrical intensity from Stern punctuated by the deceptively subtle funk infusion of Scofield yet Cavalieri does it his way. Cavalieri's look at composition and performance as his own cultural byproduct always a fresh perspective on some familiar approaches at both. "Coffee and Guitar" approach the jazz improvisation of psychedelic funk on an incredibly accessible level. From a pure technical perspective, Cavalieri could have easily gone on the shredding aspect of his theoretical expertise but there is always an expressive quality much the same as Medeski Martin and Wood. Organic but with a unique pulse that is propelling that emotive quality further than similar groups. "Euphoric Express" is another tune of lyrical intensity, six string pyrotechnics made accessible. "Fell Street: begins to take more psychedelic liberties but again this release is as much about texture and the ability to shift harmonics on the fly as it is about a label induced genre that would do little more than pigeon hole Cavalieri into a niche that may not even be the right fit.

Preview the release yourself:

He currently teaches at Ferrara Music school of Modern Music and he is now writing his method of outside playing for fusion jazz guitarist, a revolutionary way for students to study the pluralities of outside playing with guitar.
An amazing release, especially for the six string aficionado. In my add I warn independent artists they must be prepared for the bitter with the sweet. The bitter? Not much here to find fault with but a slightly more expansive sound may open up certain compositional options not previously considered but that is up to the artist and their creativity. Guitarists should especially flock to this release!
Incredibly impressive!
Tracks: Manhattan Delivery; Euphorica Express; Galanga; Coffee And Guitar; Philanthropy; Lbo; Fell Street; Pearl.
Phil Cavalieri : guitar, bass, piano , organ
Francesco Cavalieri: bass
Ferruccio Dallabona: drum, drum and percussion programming
By easily sidestepping genre this release could be a critics worst nightmare and have most record executives looking for a length of rope and a ricktey stool so this is a good thing!