Saturday, June 23, 2012

Peter Appleyard Sophisticated Ladies Linus 2012

Peter Appleyard is back with a new solo recording and is still arguably one of the greatest vibe players working and alive today - Appleyard is 84 years young and can still swing with the best of em!

One of Canada's finest jazz musicians ever, Appleyard's career has spanned close to 70 years and 22 recordings. Appleyard will be touring this summer playing internationally known festivals including the Montreal Jazz Festival. Appleyard's talents have extended to radio and television as well hosting various nationally syndicated programs with great success.

Sophisticated Ladies is just that, some of the most talented and elegant ladies in jazz including two personal favorites Sophie Milman and Carol Welsman. Old school jazz standards abound in this stellar recording including "Georgia" and "Love For Sale." The Welsman vocals on "Night And Day" but the vocal performances throughout this all Canadian cast of characters is spot on.

Artists come and go and there but a handful of virtuoso talents such as Appleyard that at 84 can still make it  happen at an incredibly high level. An absolute winner!

Tracks: After You've Gone; It's Only A Paper Moon; Love For Sale; Georgia On My Mind; If You Could See Me Now; Sophisticated Lady; Night And Day; Satin Doll; Mood Indigo; Smile.

Vocalists In Order of Appearance: Emilie Claire Barlow; Elizabeth Shepherd; Jill Barber; Jackie Richardson; Sophie Milman; Molly Johnson; Carol Welsman; Barbra Lica; Carol McCartney; Diana Panton.

Musicians: John Sherwood: piano; Reg Schwager: guitar; Neil Swainson: bass; Terry Clark: drums.

Special Thanks to Jim at Jazz Promo Services