Friday, June 22, 2012

Otmar Binder Trio Boogie Woogie Turnaround Priester 2012

The title literally reviews itself...
For the uninitiated; boogie woogie is primarily a piano based blues style that seemed to die out in popularity about the same time as Jerry Lee Lewis back in the 1950's. Austrian pianist Otmar Binder has pulled this style out of the jazz witness protection program but with his own riff.

For the more theoretically inclined or just plain curious the style has been used to accompany singers and is sometimes more commonly referred to as "eight to the bar" with the majority written in straight 4/4 time. The chord progressions usually based on 1-4-5-1 and a few odd variations. Bottom wanna dance!

The Otmar Binder trio rips this up. Oddly enough this style has its own unique following in Europe and according to Binder this was the music he grew up with specifically the "Mojo Blues Band." Purists will argue the point this is not "jazz." The sound here could be interpreted as Western Swing gone wild or a funky hybrid with a slight rockabilly bent but thinking in terms of the improvisational aspect of this virtuoso ensemble words like infectious, fun, and swing leap out much like special guests BJ Cole on pedal steel & slide guitar and Christian Dozzler on piano & harp. Binder and the boys roll through 17 tracks at a relatively blistering pace so one has little time to dwell on a self limiting label. Think cold beer and a ceiling fan at your favorite watering hole.

This is one of those eclectic and utterly delightful musical side roads I get to take periodically. The only down side might by the availability in the States is mp3 only. Cole is particularly adept on pedal steel adding a nice texture to country blues gone wild. If you miss rockabilly or perhaps dig bands like Stray Cats and Roomful Of Blues then this will be right up your alley!

Aim the beat at their feet!

Personnel: Otmar Binder: piano; Alexander Lackner: bass; Michael Strasser: drums; BJ Cole: pedal steel & slide guitar; Christian Dozzler: piano & harp; Geri Schuller: b3; Charlie Furthner: piano.

Every once in a while playing musical prospector turns up a gold nugget such as this!

Special thanks to Jim at Jazz Promo Services