Saturday, June 23, 2012

Louis Durra and the new release!

New Album cover ( does not lead to a review - yet...)
Hi folks, it's LD.  Thanks for all the Happy Birthdays!  

There are major events and undertakings in my life these days.  A lot of airplay, a new CD nearly finished, returning to Scotland to perform in a bigger, better way.    Two albums planned for the fall.  Four gigs every week with my trio.   

In February, the terrific musicians I play with and I rehearsed and recorded for a new CD, 'Rocket Science'.  We're close to finishing it now.  There's Bad-ass White Stripes, voodoo KT Tunstall, a meditative ballad about 9-11. Infectious-groove-but-sideways John Lennon and Stevie Wonder.  Two Mexican Corridos - if you're Anglo, that's music you usually hear from one of the cars at an intersection - with tuba and accordion and trumpets and guys singing Ay-ay-ay!  A Quebec folk song, Bob Marley 'through the looking glass', and more.  It doesn't seem possible, but somehow these are all fun to hear and sit really well together on a CD.

Last week myself-released CD went to the Top Five on the College Radio Jazz charts.  In the midst of a 2500 shows land concerts last summer in Scotland I won a Herald Angel Award.  A German label ASKED ME if they could release my version of 'The Bends' on a Compilation Album.

When 'Rocket Science' comes out I expect airplay and tours.  I expect great things, especially because it'll come out while the last album is blowing up on radio!

Since I'm an independent artist without a label or a management to help make these things happen, I'm coming to you to gather funds so I can keep putting out music and touring and not still be paying for this album while I'm making the next.  

You can help by spreading the word  -- Twitter, FB, liking the music and the project.  .