Friday, June 29, 2012

Doug Ferony You Will Be My Music FEM 2012

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are gone...They are not coming back.

That's o.k. because when you have real talent like Doug Ferony then that classic swing and splash of sophistication that was vocal jazz forty years ago plus - is still here and still working!

I hate the label of "crooner" - I can deal with throw back better but here is the bottom line. Ferony is his own man and an artist doing his own thing that just happens to fall in the Sinatra, Martin and Tony Bennett category but with the unusual twist that Ferony has chops galore. Doug Ferony is pure entertainment, fun and a stylistic journey to the glory days of vocal jazz when there was no social media, no music video and nothing but style...That is Doug Ferony!

The set list here is classic and made up of such standards as "Fly Me To The Moon" and "Come Fly With Me." Far from a tribute act, Ferony has chops galore and what lets the release work so well would be spot on arrangements that only serve to push Ferony out front but without ever going to the self indulgent edge that so many "crooners" seem to want to hit. Today we have some vocalists that work in relatively the same genre but with different results. There is no overt commerialism with Ferony, his vocal prowess speaks for itself. Normally I would not give this type of release a second look and that would be my stupidity and the listener's loss. While there are a couple of more contemporary tunes that may or may not have been totally necessary in an effort to push this release, there are literally no missed steps here. 

The tunes hold up well and normally with full orchestra. Ferony has prodigious vocal chops - the dude can sing the phone book and the release is pure entertainment and it's very best. 

Making old school new cool is tough. Doug Ferony makes it look and more importantly sound so easy!

Tracks: Fly Me To The Moon; Do You Wanna Dance; I Love You More Today Then Yesterday; You Will Be My Music; We've Only Just Begun; Come Fly With Me; How Do You Keep The Music Playing; I Can't Stop Loving You; Oh Look At Me Now; I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm.