Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dave Juarez Round Red Light Posi-Tone 2011

Posi-Tone has been on this incredible Blue Note like run where new music is a new adventure, granted some artists take a second of third listen not because they are bad but because the are intricate displays of depth and texture and the subtle intricacies found on jazz labels such as Blue Note or Impulse fifty years ago.

The debut release from Dave Juares, a native of Barcelona, Spain follow suite with an expansive release covering more sonic ground in one record than one artist would normally attempt in two or perhaps three. While the harmonic diversity here is accessible it is what I like to call deceptively subtle, the disc gives up something new with each spin. Juarez has a keen melodic sense that the 4tet behind him picks up on so incredibly well one gets the sense this is a working band ten years in the making. The touching ballad "Belieza Anonima" is a perfect example of the incredible harmonic cohesion and lyrical direction this quintet is able to pull together with relative ease. The smoking "Serontonina" showcases the Juarez hard charging approach when need be and adds a great deal of depth to this release that seems to only get better the long it is played.  Again, a working band feel where egos were obviously checked at the door. Closing with "RNP" the quintet is more expansive in presentation and has developed this cautiously throughout the release with an obvious appreciation of ebb and flow. As the tune goes from slow burn to raging inferno, Juarez lets his full lyrical talent come to fruition on a perfect tune to close out a release that simple builds to a captivating sonic climax.

Juarez has compositional skills on par with his instrumental work and the ability to work seamlessly with a slightly larger ensemble is certainly duly noted. A shining star for Posi-Tone not to mention those that make up this formidable quintet we can only hope to hear more from.

Tracks: Montpellier View; Round Red Light; Lonely Brooklyn; The Echo Of Your Smile; Belleza Anonima; Serotonina; La Noche Oscura Del Alma; Luna De Barcelona; RNP.

Personnel: Dave Juarez: guitar; Seamus Blake: tenor saxophone; John Escreet; piano; Lauren Falls: bass; Bastian Weinhold: drums