Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brittni Paiva Tell U What BPMCD 2012

I wrote a review of Brittni Paiva's Living Ukulele DVD back in December of 2011. A little slice of island paradise brought to you in the dead of winter. You can check out that review here:

Now Paiva is fixing to drop a studio release on 07/10/12 and this 23 year old phenom is on fire with Tell U What! Ukulele is hardly an instrument that springs to mind when one thinks of jazz so put that on the back burner for a minute. Does the name Tom Scott ring a bell? Scott is the producer, arranger, engineer and mixer and he had some friends drop by to sit in on this incredible new release. Michael McDonald, Arturo Sandoval, Ray Parker Jr. and horn great Chuck Findley all make appearances on a release that is simply packed with flavor.

The idea seemed to be to bridge the jazz gap with a more modern twist by letting Paiva cut loose in a variety of settings including a classic cover of "I Keep Forgettin" with Michael McDonald where Paiva's chops are spot on and she gets a chance to do her own riff on a pop classic. Scott's arrangements are inventive and give this tune as well as "Cold Duck Time" a nice harmonic kick without going too far. Paiva puts her own mark on "Cold Duck Time" establishing herself as a top instrumentalist without ever walking that self indulgent tightrope too many young talents get caught on. Another dynamite track that Paiva slays is another Eddie Harris tune "Boogie Woogie Bossa Nova" with Scott joining in on tenor. Another one of the many high points on this release is Mira featuring Tom Scott and Arturo Sandoval with a deceptively Latin flair that Paiva pulls off effortlessly. Brittni Paiva nails the Bela Fleck tune "The Lochs Of Dread" and her own composition "Friends" shows off more writing skill than some instrumentalists twice her age!

I like to think I write about passion. Brittni Paiva with Tell U What  has her musical stock as an arrow pointing straight up. The DVD gave a hint of what was to come with this release and it was the classic undersell.

Bad mood or a bad day? Ever hear a sad song on a Ukulele? Can not be done!
Paiva is a first call talent and is living her passion. It just doesn't get much better than that!

Tracks: Tell U What; I Keep Forgettin'; Friends; A Taste Of Honey; Comin' Home Baby; The Lochs Of Dread; Mira; Alive; Cold Duck Time; Pavane; Boogie Woogie Bossa Nova.

Personnel: Brittni Paiva: tenor ukulele on all tracks; bass (6, 8); Tom Scott: all saxes, woodwinds, brass, strings, keyboards, drums & percussion + bass on all except (6,8).

Special Guests: Michael McDonald: vocals (2); Arturo Sandoval: trumpet (7); Ray Parker Jr. (5); Chuck Findley (4).

Check out http://www.brittnipaiva.com/ and as always special thanks to Michael Bloom of Michael Bloom Media Relations.

5 Stars with a big smile!