Thursday, June 7, 2012

Brian Bromberg Plays Hendrix Artistry 2012

International Release Date 07/03/12
U.S. Release Date 07/17/12

In the day of the digital download and advance ordering the old fashioned street date is about the last fixture left in the good old days of the record business. On the plus side, getting good advance information is most helpful in stretching that entertainment dollar even further in an economy that is as stagnant as smooth jazz.

Roughly two summers ago I was speaking with Bromberg via the Internet and he informed me of this release and its status as something more of a Japanese import as opposed to the more traditional new release we would think of. The wait for a full blown studio release thanks to the folks at Artistry has been well worth it. Some artists are the musical Holy Grail of their time with Hendrix being one of the handful that you simply do not cover. While Stevie Ray Vaughn did a passable cover on Voodoo Child and there have been one or two notable exceptions, even Eric Clapton has somewhat side stepped away from this legendary discography so let us take a look at the gems Bromberg serves up:
2.Manic Depression.
4.The Wind Cries Mary.
5.All Along The Watchtower.
6.Foxy Lady.
7.Hey Joe.
8. Crosstown Traffic.
9. Spanish Castle Magic.
10. Purple Haze.

The players? Simply Brian Bromberg and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums. For the gear heads, Bromberg plays all the guitar parts on piccolo basses, electric and acoustic basses while Colaiuta holds down the drum chair with an energetic and sometimes frenzied pace. Controlled sonic fury.

Having often said, "Genius reviews itself" - Bromberg plays Hendrix where one musical genius does a riff off another musical genius. The stunning artistic feel and virtuosity is on display throughout this release with no drop offs in intensity anywhere. If you are a fan of Bromberg then this is the release you have been waiting for. If but a casual listener you may find yourself becoming a fan in short order.

From the lyrical connectivity of "The Wind Cries Mary" to the full on "Purple Haze" Bromberg plays Hendrix is guaranteed to touch your heart and set your hair on fire all at the same time!

An approved EPK is on the way and will soon be available for posting. While you wait you can check out or Brian's internet radio station