Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tim Carey Room 114 TCM 2012

Outside of having one of the better release covers of the year, Room 114 is and incredibly solid debut release. Carey is a multi-instrumentalist and composer that hails from Seattle Washington. A relative newbie Carey began playing bass professionally in 2003 and has gone on to play with such major talent as Julian Priester. Carey is an incredibly bright and brilliant voice on the modern jazz scene with comparisons drawn to some of Pat Metheny's more Latin influenced work.  Carey pulls the musical hat trick by his works as a multi-instrumentalist, composer and global jazz educator as his instrumentalist prowess continues to take flight and his compositional excellence place Carey among those artists whose names one needs to remember.

As solid and perfectly placed debut release as one can find, Carey's niche is to take the more modern form and functionality of improvisational jazz performed in the United States with some of the more modern jazz and traditional Brazilian rhythms while displaying his own harmonic twist on these influences. From the Samba, Baiao, Choro and other traditional rhythms of Brazilian music and they are as diverse as they are numerous, Carey draws from these influences by literally doing a riff on himself. While the cultural jazz purists may raise an eyebrow or question certain pieces for authenticity, Carey manages to create an inspired new voicing drawn from the myriad of influences that make up Latin jazz in general and the more Brazilian inspired music in particular and fuse these with the improvisational form and functionality without that every present harmonic net so many artists use as a crutch. Carey has the ability to showcase an incredibly tight band that moves into lyrical overdrive with ease.

"Waiting On One" opens the release with a more introspective if not melancholy vibe that begins to develop into a lush lyrical hybrid of sound that is somewhere between modern jazz and a more ambient Latin feel. An expansive tune where Carey unites his own voice with that of the ensemble for a musical synergy led by pianist Eric Verlinde. The percussive nuance of Tarik Abouzied and Jeff "Bongo" Bush add a great deal to the texture of the tune while guitarist Brendan Odonnell is a master technically but with soulful heart of a lion. A utterly brilliant tune to kick off a stellar release. "Bass Baiao" is the type of Latin infused number one feels with their hips and hears with their feet. Intricate and intimate while full of flavor and vitality. The lyrical sense of purpose not to mention urgency is ever present and guitarist Odonnell and pianist Verlinde shine once again while bassist Carey is the sonic glue that simply slays his solo and is a brilliant piece to this sonic mosaic. Technically proficient and artistically gifted finds Carey with the intangible of knowing when to go for it and when to dial it back just enough to push the music forward without the air of self indulgence most artists similar to Carey would find themselves trapped in. "Honey Bee Dance" is a sightly odd metered tune as are most where organic development and direction are key. There is a unique and artistic fusion by Carey where genres become one and Carey's keen sense of lyrical direction and melodic development allow his amazing talent to transfer effortlessly between styles and sub genres for a delightful flow.

Contagious grooves you can use. Syncopation on steroids. A virtuoso performance by an individual that can change musical colors to adapt to any given situation find Tim Carey as a name to remember. There are numerous musicians that can lay down a catchy groove but only an artist like Tim Carey can develop an eclectic mix of modern and melodic jazz then fuse those with traditional Brazilian rhythms with the resulting translation as a completely unique artistic voice.

5 Stars!

Tracks: Waiting For One; Bass Baiao; Lead The Way; Ohio Beach; Frog Dance; Room 114; Wilmington; Catch Up; Honey Bee Dance; Chico.

Personnel: Tim Carey: bass; Bredan Odonnell: guitar; Eric Verlinde: piano/keyboard; Jeff "Bongo" Busch: drums and percussion; Tarik Abouzied: drums ( 1,3,6,8,10).