Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jazz, Spike Lee, Dan Moody and Bryan Pease

As a jazz journalist I have warned artists concerning the responsible use of social media and to remember one very important thing while online.

Think before you tweet. Once you tweet it is out of your hands and in a recent court ruling tweets are NOT the property of the individual sending the tweet but of twitter. Tweets are subject to subpoena. Thanks to two artists I have been threatened with legal action twice which never happened, received one death threat from a face book friend of another artist and since there is no direct customer service with face book I use it to post reviews only.

Spike Lee recently tweeted a home address in regards to the Trayvon Martin case only to find out he made a mistake. This irresponsible and childish action cost Lee a nice chunk of change to be sure. I will not even go into the facts pointing to Martin's drug use (marijuana in his system at the time of death and Zimmerman's documented injuries.) Read for yourself:

My position has always been let law enforcement do their job. Do not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Were Lee's actions that of a responsible person?

Now we have an attorney running for office who is also an animal rights activist ( in private conversations I use the words domestic terrorist when referring to groups such as PETA ). In San Diego, Attorney Bryan Pease claims to have legally used the voter rolls to tweet the home address of a Chef with whom he has an on going disagreement. Later it would appear he says he simply found the information on line. Given the documented violence that has occurred with some animal rights activists and given that Bryan Pease is practising law in San Diego I would want you to ask yourself the same question - Are these actions the actions of a responsible public servant? Citizens of San Diego are homeless, hungry and hopeless ( anyone remember Hope and Change? ) as many more join those ranks thanks to the failed Obama economic policies and we have an attorney stressing the dietary needs of a duck and his personal beliefs of alleged mistreatment when the government in both in his city and on a Federal level do not even begin to show one quarter of the same concern for their citizens?

Seems Pease has a lengthy history that is worth a look:

I urge you to pass this along to anyone you know in the San Diego area. In my opinion Bryan Pease is clearly not fit to act as a public servant in any city much less this country. If you check these links all the information pertaining to this case is available. supports the humane treatment of all animals but does not support terrorism or actions that threaten the health and safety of fellow citizens.
As a critic I have personal cell phone numbers of some of the hottest names in jazz. That information stays with me till the day I leave the planet. To post personal information on line where groups known and unknown can use this for god knows what purpose is about as low as you can sink. This is what is wrong with the American political system today - a total ethical breakdown. I'll be ordering duck on Sunday in the name of Mr. Pease. The duck was indeed wonderful and made for a memorable lunch, to honor PETA, I hit Kentucky Fried Chicken later today.

I just spoke with the Chef Moody who confirms he has filed a complaint with the California Bar Association. Evidently politics is in play here as well. You do not have to agree with a position to respect it. If an attorney would engage in activity that is in my opinion as unethical as this - is this the type of responsible behavior you want in any form of government?
Chef Moody's side can be found at:

On the Pease web site he invokes the name of Obama...On the Pease twitter account he refers to all Chefs as "scumbags." How can an attorney such as Pease call anyone a "scumbag" given his own background? I have always said those that scream for diversity the most are the ones that practise it the least. The Pease meltdown is epic in scope and just a prelude of what could happen if people such as this are elected to public office.

I once had a singer obtain my private email simply so she could make a political point. Pease is a Progressive and that is fine - as long as you know where you are progressing to. This story is not about politics but about ethics a distinction without a difference in some cases.