Friday, May 18, 2012

Jared Gold Supersonic Posi-Tone 2009

Any critic or as I prefer to call myself a "jazz advocate" that does not have or claim definitive favorites is simply playing fast and loose with the musical truth. The 2009 release Supersonic marks Jared Gold stepping out as a leader and this funk infused gem features guitarist Ed Cherry and one of the most underrated drummers around in McClenty Hunter. This is some high octave stuff as this formidable trio lay down a groove that some working bands can search years for and not find.

Opening with a kicked-up riff on the 70's TV show Welcome Back, Kotter we find the trio in an old school mood. What Gold does best is what I enjoy calling making old school new cool. With one foot in the past respecting the history of why he is here, Gold keeps another highly inventive foot in the future deciding where the music will take him. The soulful if not emotionally charged "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" couple with the smoker "Battle of Tokorazawa" make this a release of diversity and texture. Harmonic exploration is Gold's wheelhouse and has never been as evident as it is with Supersonic. There is even a more gospel influenced take on "Home Again." The retro vibe is a tough one to pull off well much less consistently but Gold and his trio do it with ease.

Organ trios and smaller ensemble seem to be on the uptick. Mike LeDonne, Pat Bianci, Tony Monaco are to name but a few of the accepted masters of their craft. Jared Gold is a musical visionary quickly establishing his own voice and can even now be tossed in the mix when the better players are mentioned. High points on this release may be too many to list. A diverse and slightly eclectic song list sets the recording apart from the mundane and boring. The sound quality on Supersonic is pristine. One would have to look long and hard and dig incredibly deep to find fault with one of the better debuts as a leader you will ever find.

Tracks: Welcome Back; Makin' Do, Can't Take My Eyes Off You; Times Are Hard On The Boulevard; In My Life; Battle Of Tokorazawa; Sparks; Angel Eyes; Joe's Thing; Home Again.

Personnel: Jared Gold: organ; Ed Cherry: guitar; McClenty Hunter: drums.