Thursday, May 31, 2012

Interstatic/Interstatic RareNoise Records 2012

In the spirit of a global music community the art of listening has been in some cases a lost art. Following the latest twitter trend or having one of the plethora of social media outlets take this burden off your shoulders may make you the hippest person on the block but often times the most uninformed as well.

RareNoise records and the power trio Interstatic expound upon their initial release Anthem and are channeling their music with an intense lyrical sense of purpose. I love Interstatic simply for those that are beating their heads against the proverbial brick wall trying to find a genre they can tag this amazing release with. Ambient jazz? Post modern fusion? Interstatic contains some gorgeous melodies almost cinematic in scope but with a textured and highly evocative feel. This power trio is made up of pianist, composer and organist Roy Powell (Naked Truth) along with drummer Jarle Vespestad (Tord Gustavsen) and the six string pyrotechnics of guitarist Jacob Young.

Interstatic is pulled from a myriad of influences including early ECM and Norwegian guitarist Terje Rypdal along with a mix of more modern bands including Washed Out. A virtually flawless mix of the old and new but with a musical happy place that has an infectious techno/ambient quality. Clear as mud?

Moving away and opting for the sonic road less traveled has this formidable trio working in a harmonious cohesion seldom heard in such a small group setting. While other ensembles have tried and failed miserably in the attempt to break barrier in an attempt to find a fresh sound, Interstatic sticks with the basics. An intriguing zen like less is more approach where a dynamic sonic depth of field is created to showcase the prolific talents of each member. The ego or self indulgent path of the more art rock influenced jazz musician is non existent but if you listen closely there is an organic pulse that will take the listener on a journey of their own choosing.

A magnificent concentration on the musical content and its relationship to form and function.

5 Stars!

Tracks: Stills; First Vision; Flatland 1; Washed Up; Reel Time; Interstatic; Water Music; The Elverum Incident; Americana; Flatland 2.

Personnel: Roy Powell: organ; Jacob Young: guitar; Jarle Vespestad: drummer.