Monday, May 28, 2012

David Garrett Legacy Decca 2012

Classical violinist David Garrett is taking the music business by storm and yes...they call it the music business for a reason! With rock and roll style and model good looks, Garrett is experiencing the classical cross over appeal that similar artists can only dream of but this is indeed a good thing. Be it jazz or classical the highly technical or scholarly review limits the audience much in the same stereotypical fashion that a classical artist is expected to dress, act publicly or even how they present their performance to an audience. Garrett is a square peg that fits perfectly into a musical round hole.

On June 5th, Legacy will be released on the prestigious Decca label with an accompanying DVD presentation Legacy Live. Garrett is the living embodiment of the term prodigy having his classical career begin at age 9 and his career later skyrocket by signing a deal with the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon label at the ripe old age of 14.

Garrett's last release was Rock Symphonies which Billboard magazine reviewed as technically dazzling. David Garrett is technically dazzling and as proficient as they come however he is artistically one of the most uniquely gifted violinists to be walking that fine crossover artistic tightrope in perhaps decades. Legacy is The Beethoven violin concerto and widely considered as the yardstick by which other artists talents are measured. The legendary violinist Itzhak Pertman was quoted as saying "He is a wonderful violinist with excellent technique and natural musicianship. He will always perform with artistry."

With Legacy we find far more than the ability to play the notes we absorb the artistry with which Garrett plays the music. Garrett and the violin are as one. A joyous and at times tender spirit springs forth with a passion that comes from some place deeper than the heart or the soul but is instead the musical sound of the human spirit. Words such as brilliant and genius are somewhat vague and arbitrary labels writer use to attach their profound respect to an artist they feel worth of such recognition.

Garrett crossover appeal should be applauded. At a time when a cultural black hole looms over our society, Garrett is a bright and shining light of the wondrous possibilities within all music. Legacy is an exemplary work worthy of serious attention. The virtuoso talent displayed on what may well be the most iconic piece of classical literature for the violin is nothing short of astounding.

I prefer to think of genius as reviewing itself and this is the essence of David Garrett.