Sunday, May 6, 2012

Brian Bromberg Compared To That Artistry 2012

International Street Date 05/22/12
U.S. Street Date 06/05/12

Compared to what? The thing that makes Brian Bromberg work so well is the predictability of his unpredictability! Makes perfect sense right? Compared To That is the first of three artistically diverse releases set for Bromberg this year and while the buzz is that it may be his best since Downright Upright, it may in fact be Bromberg's finest release to date.

Compared To That is that musical happy place somewhere between contemporary/modern jazz but with an old school sensibility. Bromberg is not reinventing the musical wheel. What Brian Bromberg does so incredibly well here is expand his sound and push the music forward. Guest artists include such diverse talents as Jeff Lorber, Bela Fleck and Randy Brecker combined with a deceptively subtle swing of a walking bass line punctuated with attitude so if this release doesn't make your musical back leg shake you may want to see if your autopsy report is ready.

Recorded live in the studio with 8 new Bromberg tunes and utilizing state of the art technology there is a groove you can use here. A swing that while contemporary in nature is diverse and eclectic in presentation. Artistic integrity with a consistently fresh presentation. The prime examples of the expansive nature of this release being a swing cover of the Chicago hit "Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is" where the horn section assembled does their own riff on Chicago without bordering on the overtly commercial. Another example of the flavor that works so well in the flow is "Hayride" where there is an old school made new cool call and response between Bromberg and Bela Fleck. I never saw it coming! Another sonic left turn is "A Little New Old School" featuring funkalicious fun from Randy Brecker and Jeff Lorber. While Bromberg has now covered some classic pop and rock tunes from Earth Wing and Fire, Kansas and Chicago perhaps the Rick James cover of "Give It To Me Baby" is the most unexpected. A swing you feel with your hips and hear with your feet.

The second release in the Bromberg trilogy for 2012 will be a ten track release covering the iconic Jimi Hendrix but more on that at a later date!

5 Huge Stars!

Tracks: Compared To That; Rory Lowery, Private Eye; If Ray Brown Was A Cowboy; Hayride; A Little New School Old School; Forgiveness; Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? I'm Just Sayin'; The Eclipse; Give It To Me Baby.

Personnel: Brian Bromberg: acoustic bass, hollow body piccolo bass, steel string acoustic piccolo bass; Carvin B24 4 string bass, Carvin B24 4 string fretless bass; Alex Acuna: percussion; Gannin Arnold: rhythm guitar; Charlie Bishart: violin; Randy Brecker: trumpet, flugelhorn; Vinnie Colaiuta: drums; George Duke: piano; Bela Fleck: banjo; Mitch Forman: piano; Larry Goldings: hammond b3 organ; Jeff Lorber: piano, electric piano; Gary Meek: tenor sax; Tom Zink: piano.

Horn Section: Tony Guerrero; Willie Murillo; Jason Thor; Vince Trombetta; Mark Visher
The Rising Sun Orchestra - Tokyo Japan