Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Aristocrats Boing! Records 2011

The Aristocrats

For Louisville readers there is a show on 05/19/12 at Zozoo's The New Vintage Showcase with the band taking the stage according to bassist Bryan Beller at roughly 10:30. This is a show you do not want to miss!

Meanwhile you can take my original review for another spin!

My home page mentions pushing musical buttons as well as musical boundaries with this release being the prime example! Defying strict categorization but with the musical gun to my head I would "label" these fine gentleman as jazz/rock/fusion as it was originally intended. This is not "progressive rock or prog-metal" and you can check out the definition from Wikipedia that I build my case on:

1. Allmusic states that "Jazz-rock may refer to the wildest and most electrified fusion bands from the jazz camp, but most often it describes performers coming from the rock side of the equation." The Guide states that "Jazz-rock first emerged during the late '60s as an attempt to fuse the visceral power of rock with the musical complexity and improvisational fireworks of jazz.

They ain't lying....

Let's start off with the line up:
Guthrie Govan - Guitar
Bryan Bellar - Bass
Marco Minnemann - Drums

Together this power trio pushes the musical boundaries of what a trio can achieve with music that can pierce your soul and set your hair on fire - sometimes all at once! From the incredibly creative cover to some of the tunes inside there is also a unique sense of humor that granted maybe only musicians will get but this release is far from a musical "inside joke." The end result of the sessions with Govan, Bellar and Minnemann are in fact the perfect fusion of their influences ranging from Return To Forever to King Crimson to Steve Vai and Frank Zappa but in a truly original and intoxicating presentation.

Govan is not a "shredder" but as technically proficient at his craft as they come. To take a line from the movie "Crossroads" ..."that boy can play!"

Bellar is for me, Stanley Clarke kicked up a notch edgy but with more soul than one bass player should be legally allowed to have!

Minnemann does not just keep the beat, he is the beat!

The musicianship and subsequent chemistry will literally bleed through your speakers. This is not Shredding 101, Progressive Rock and it certainly is not your father's fusion...It is instead fusion with a pulse: infectious, intoxicating and incredibly original!

This trio plays as one musical voice and vision moving down the harmonious musical track without ever derailing this sonic train. Just ask them...

Cover art and photo stolen...uh, "creatively acquired" from face book ( LIKE THEM ) and check out: