Sunday, April 8, 2012

Third World Love Songs and Stories Anzic 2012

Getting back to basics...Sometimes it is a necessity in all parts of life not just art. Third World Love emphasizes the closeness and bond shared between these four marvelous musicians - they only happen to be best known as jazz players. From rock to African to Arabic this incredible 4tet draws from a myriad of influences only to seemingly magically transform them with jazz sensibilities drawn from the more traditional western approach of improvised music. Musically diverse and never lacking in originality, Third World Love can swing with the best bands working today except their groove comes from a plethora of origins all making up Songs and Portraits.

Opening this highly ambitious release is "Im Ninalu" ( a more traditional Jewish Yemenite, liturgical theme) which outside of the arrangement by pianist Yonatan Avishai fits hand in glove with the virtuoso talent making up Songs and Portraits. As the release progresses Songs and Portraits turns into a virtual artistic and compositional show case thanks to perhaps the most underrated bassist on the planet in Omer Avital. While Avital contributes "Sefarad" acknowledging his appreciation on the rich tradition of Flamenco music. Avital also contributes " The Abutbuls" an intense tune with a unique harmonic dissonance do in part to the minor key Middle-Eastern theme and including a jaw dropping solo from Avishai Cohen. While Avishai Cohen makes significant contributions on this release it is the closing tune from pianist Yonatan Avishai that grabs ones immediate attention. The oddly mysterious "A Night In Zebulon" seems to linger long after the final note.

While all members of this ensemble have contributed individual compositions to all the recordings perhaps what makes this particular band special is that they operate as a jazz collective. A sonic think tank where experiences, technical ability and genuine and heartfelt inspiration come together as one for a stunning result that we are lucky enough to savor.

A magnificent and virtually flawless recording. 5 Huge Stars.

Tracks: Im Ninalu; Song For A Dying Country; Sefarad Bass Intro; Sefrad; The Abutbuls; The Immigrant's Anthem ( Sad Song ); Song For Sankoum; Alona; A Night In Zebulon.

Personnel: Avishai Cohen: trumpet; Yonatan Avishai: piano; Omer Avital: bass; Daniel Freedman: drums.