Friday, April 13, 2012

Scott Tixier Brooklyn Bazaar Sunnyside 2012

Inspiring, dramatic and emotionally charged. A description not often associated with the more contemporary side of the jazz scene however Scott Tixier is a virtuoso talent not often associated with the more contemporary side of the modern jazz street.

Tixier and Brooklyn Bazaar are the epitome the sonic ground zero for an artist as he prepares his ascend to a height only a handful of his predecessors have achieved. The next Jean Luc Ponty would be an unfair comparison as Scott Tixier sounds like no one but himself. A fledgling artist with the skill and disciplined command of an instrument that while having a long and distinguished career in the jazz idiom has perhaps not been approached in the same fashion as Tixier does now. From the organic presence in the lower registers to soaring sonic heights, Tixier is in full command and his skill is echoed by a stellar ensemble fashioned for this recording.

"Keep In Touch" opens the release with a somewhat ominous slightly funk infused harmonic exploratory of a rather ambitious quintet with a penchant for lyrical purpose while working without a harmonic net. Odd meter, changing dynamics but never losing a mysterious all most zen like accessibility as the sonic exploratory leads the listener on a most captivating musical adventure. "Arawaks" while the only vocal track is perhaps one of the more engaging as vocalist Emilie Weibel voice takes flight joining Tixier's instrumental voice in a sonic stratosphere of their choosing. A striking sense of melodic purpose while a free flowing lyrical beauty surrounds the listener this is modern contemporary jazz finding a hybrid that celebrates not a sub genre but the sound itself. "String Theory" while dialed back in approach is part of the harmonic depth of field that makes Brooklyn Bazaar a release of texture and character often missing from the contemporary side of the jazz street.

Scott Tixier is establishing his own unique and developing presence in the world of modern jazz. As technically proficient and artistically gifted a performer as one can find this early in a career, Tixier is charting his own sonic path. Tixier's path is the sonic road less traveled. An organic sense of lyrical development and shifting harmonics transforms Tixier's music from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

An original artist developing his own voice. As entertaining and at times mesmerizing a talent as one can find working the contemporary jazz scene today.

Tracks: Keep In Touch; Bushwick Party; Arawks; Elephant Rose; String Theory; Miss Katsu; Facing Windows; Shopping With Mark F.; Roach Dance.

Personnel: Scott Tixier: violin; Douglas Bradford: guitar; Jesse Elder: piano, rhodes; Massimo Biolcati: bass; Arthur Vint: drums; Emilie Weiberl: vocals (3).

Track Listing: 1. Keep in Touch; 2. Bushwick Party; 3. Arawaks; 4. Elephant Rose; 5. String Theory; 6. Miss Katsu; 7. Facing Windows; 8. Shopping with Mark F; 9.Roach Dance.

Personnel: Scott Tixier: violin; Douglas Bradford: guitar; Jesse Elder: piano; Massimo Biolcati: bass; Arthur Vint: drums; Emilie Weibel: vocals (3).