Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paco de Lucia Envivo Decca International 2012

For more years than most of us can remember it would seem Paco de Lucia has been sequestered in the jazz witness protection program. Now De Lucia has emerged with a masterpiece of stunning beauty, amazing technique and a vivid musical imagery that stirs the very soul.

In short...Genius does review itself. One does not pass critical review or judgement on de Lucia in the traditional sense of the word but one acknowledges his prolific talent and celebrates a rare and gifted artist the likes the world may not see again for another half century. Placing de Lucia in the generic genre as "jazz" is a musical misnomer of its own. Paco de Lucia may well be the most iconic artist of Spanish musical culture and has now emerged from an extended break with his 25th release, En Vivo: Conciertos de Espana which is a triumphant celebration of his 2010 live concert tour of Spain.

Paco de Lucia is the rare artist, that special soul where artistic grace is matched equally with technical grace and proficiency that place de Lucia in the position to explore music outside the more traditional flamenco setting and expand his own unique repertoire to run from the more standard classics to the infamous and ground breaking six string sonic assault of flamenco-jazz fusion with Al DiMeola and John McLaughlin. The mastery of Paco de Lucia is as important and musically relevant today as it was some 40 years earlier at the beginning of his incredible career.

If there were but one Paco de Lucia recording to add or keep in one's library EnVivo would fill the bill nicely. An epic works of artistic beauty and grace that is arguably Paco de Lucia's finest work to date. There are few living cultural legends in our midst with the artistic proficiency to perform at what is more commonly considered "the next level" with Paco de Lucia perhaps the finest example.