Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chris Cortez Aunt Nasty Blue Bamboo 2012

Ever hear an artist say "music is my life" only to realize the music sounds as though it were on life support and pulling the plug would be a public service?

Not here.

Chris Cortez is what I refer to as a stealth musician. Cortez is a silent but deadly talent flying just below the musical radar of some but when he plays he as Joe Perry of Aerosmith would say "Lets the music do the talking." Aunt Nasty is an eclectic mix of the old, the new, and the unexpected for a unique ebb and flow as entertaining as one can imagine. As a guitarist Coretz can play with anyone, a first rate instrumentalist. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a prolific instrumental talent decides to push the envelope for whatever reason and add vocal tracks on what is and perhaps should be a predominately instrumental release. Bottom line - Cortez can sing too! The title track is an original "Aunt Nasty" is a funky little number that works as the perfect sonic centerpiece along with a first rate horn section. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is another musical test that Cortez passes with flying colors. A somewhat psychedelic fusion take on the iconic George Harrision classic and done with an intoxicating Latin flavor. Another six string sonic trip wire is attempting the Jimi Hendrix classic "Fire." No problems...A deceptively subtle blues infused funk that comes straight from the soul. This is old school reinvented to make a funkalicious new cool that lingers long after the last note. 

The most common question when you talk to someone about a new release from a guitarist they may not be familiar with is, "Who do they sound like?" What makes Aunty Nasty work so incredibly well is Chris Cortez sounds like Chris Cortez. Solid originals, inventive and entertaining covers, whimsical looks at some Walt Disney staples. Aunty Nasty is one of the best examples of fresh original talent with the ability to work in a chameleon like fashion to create his own sound but entertain your socks off while doing it. Aunt Nasty shows music is Chris Cortez's life, a release that is original, fun and passionate. There are all most too many positives to list here and one would have to be Simon Cowell critical to find problems. A real deal winner!

A You Tube recording of Aunt Nasty

Tracks: Caravan; Aunt Nasty; When You Wish Upon A Star; While My Guitar Gently Weeps; The Man With No Arms; Mickey Mouse Club; Aarrgh; Invitation; It's A Small World; San Cruz; Ask Me No Questions; Fire.

Personnel: Chris Cortez: guitar, lead vocals, producer, engineer, graphic layout, label owner; Glen Ackerman: bass; Guillermo Reza: drums (except 5); Andrew Lienhard: keyboards (except 7,12); Woody Witt: tenor sax ( except 5,8,12); Carol Morgan: trumpet; James Metcalfe: percussion (except 2,8,12); Bernard Pierre: background vocals.