Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Massimorgati Quartet Musiplano Neuklang 2012

Street Date 04/27/2012

After putting together his Colours Jazz Orchestra and playing a multitude of gigs with many bands trombonist Massimo Morganti decided to take a walk on the jazz side while composing some very personal pieces and releasing these with the Massimorganti Quartet on this release entitled Musiplano.

There is a tremendously unique and engaging compositional voice at work here, more than advanced theory or compositional mastery at an advanced degree setting a great deal of this music has to do with the general feeling or symbiotic chemistry from years of familiarity breeding content. The end result of the familiarity spoken of here is a state of musical being where the more traditional trombone voice is transported to another musical dimension or plane if you will. The quartet is traveling in a direction led first and foremost  by the music itself.

The opening tune "Bill Ates" which at times sounds like something from American theatre is a beautiful extended solo with hints of American broadway tossed in thanks to the incredible lyrical bassist Gabriele Pesaresi while drummer Stefano Paolini rides the groove for all it is worth.  A subtle and seemingly unintended master class in swing where the 4tet comes out firing on all cylinders. Morganti's musical soul comes shining through the music and it is indeed the music acting as the sonic tour guide to take your mind on an expansive journey through swing and a journey deep into the center of your own musical DNA. Guitarist Angelo Lazzei opens the title track which borders that of a more wistful ballad "Musiplano." An expansive sonic experience, an intimate journey with a playful harmonic center and ample room for the band to stretch out and especially allow the zen like approach of guitarist Lazzeri to embrace a tune where notes are never wasted but instead linger for effect and a lyrical sense of purpose always seems to be the over riding theme of the day. "Stella" is like morning coffee, occasionally slow to percolate for our liking but once started the robust and satisfying results stay with you long after the last cup.

While Massimo Morganti is a first call trombonist and backed by and with equally talented ensemble playing there leaves any word or room to doubt that the Massimorgati Quartet is perhaps one of the most formidable and versatile 4tets coming out of Europe in years. This ensemble sidesteps standard categorization at almost every turn with effortless playing, thoughtful compositions and engaging solo work by Massimo Morganti.

Tracks: Bill Ates; Gioco C.; Musiplano; Like Someone In Love; I'll Remember April; Signor K.; Stella.

Personnel: Massimo Morganti: trombone; Angelo Lazzeri: guitar; Gabeiele Pesaresi: bass; Stefano Paolini: drums.