Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lorenzo Feliciati Frequent Flyer RareNoiseRecords 2012

U.S. Release 03/27/12

Declaring yourself a musician of a particular genre can be as dangerous as "self declaring" on a job application. The best advice - let the powers that be figure it out for themselves. Maybe they guess right and maybe not but too much information can confuse the issue.

Lorenzo Feliciati is a bassist. Nothing more nothing less. But he may well be the finest bassist and best kept secret on the European modern jazz scene for over a decade! Frequent Flyer finds Feliciati leading an incredible line up of talent including Bob Mintzer, Cuong Vu, Roy Powell and turntablist DJ Skizo on a jaw dropping excursion into the far reaches of jazz, prog-rock and nu-funk. Music is far more than what you label it, it is how you play it and Frequent Flyer is on point with each and every note.

Opening with the dark and foreboding "The Fastwing Park Rules" there is a harmonic sense of urgency in the work of Bob Mintzer on tenor saxophone. As the smoldering "The White Shadow Story" begins to unfold the compositional skills of Feliciati have clearly been influenced and inspired by the late Jaco Pastorious. It would not be a stretch to consider Feliciati as the potential contemporary counterpart to where Pastorious may have taken his own work had his life not been tragically cut short. One of the highest highs on this stunning release is an infectious Afro-Cuban hybrid of Wayne Shorter's "Footprints." Frequent Flyer is a virtual modern jazz contemporary showcase where the musicians are free to explore melodic concepts and harmonic changes at will. While struggling with the prog-rock tag, a post modern fusion sound of the very highest caliber is the striking tone that permeates this release.

Lorenzo Feliciati is a lyrical driven master of his craft and possibly the finest jazz triple threat working today. Performer, composer and bandleader have Feliciati at the very top of his game. Despite the hard hitting nature of Frequent Flyer there is an overwhelming texture and sonic depth of field that very few artists working even remotely close to this hybrid genre are able to capture with the same sense of genuine artistry.

Frequent Flyer transcends modern jazz and the stereotypical recording. Frequent Flyer is instead a release to be savored. A joyous mind blowing experience.

5 Stars

1. The Fastswing Park Rules - with Bob Mintzer (soprano and tenor saxes), Lucrezio de Seta (drums).
2.Groove First - with Roy Powell (rhodes and moog), Paulo La Rosa (percussion).
3. 93 - with Pat Mastelotto (drums), Adam Zammit (wurlitzer & string arrangement).
4. Riding The Orient Express - with Pat Mastelotto (acoustic & electronic drums), Phil Brown (guitar).
5. Footprints - with Robert Gualdi (drums), Stefano Bagnoli (drums), Maxx Furian (drums).
6. Never Forget - with Cuong Vu (trumpet), DJ Skizo (turntables), Pier Paolo Ferroni (drums).
7. Gabus & Ganabes - with Patrick Djivas (bass solo), Andrea Di Cesare (violin).
8. Perceptions - with DJ Skizo and Pierpaolo Ferroni.
9. The White Shadow Story - with Daniel Gottardo (guitar), DJ Skizo, Pierpaolo Ferroni.
10. Law & Order - with Jose Fiorilo (hammond organ) and Daniele Pomo (drums).
11. Thela Hun Ginjeet - with Robert Gualdi (drums), Guido Block (bass, lead and backing vocals).

A taste of Lorenzo Feliciati via You Tube.