Monday, March 19, 2012

Kathy Kosins To The Ladies Of Cool Resonance Records 2012

Kathy Kosins goes retro in a celebration of the four female counterparts of the cool male jazz singers of the 1950's. Anita O'Day, June Christy, Chris Connor and Julie London not to mention some imaginative work by Kosins turns what could be the more stereotypical tribute record into a cool jazz homage to a female lineage of vocalist whose chain sadly was broken and this delightful journey down memory lane with Kosins and the incomparable Resonance Records is a pure delight.

Kosins goes far deeper than just knocking off a dozen passable covers but instead spent considerable time pouring over each artists discography going so far as to sift through old Armed Forces Radio broadcasts. In keeping with that special air of authenticity, Kosins learned these tunes from the original sheet music to insuring that her interpretations would retain original authenticity and bypass the all to easy Vegas style club riffs so many lesser talents have built a career on.

"Where Are You" is a wistful ballad bordering on the melancholy and with the slightest hint of Brazilian flavor added for just the right texture. "Kissing Bug" kicks up the tempo and the band responds in kind. Kosins vocals are spot on and take what would have been an average recording by some and elevate the artistry to the next level. Given Kosins background as a singer, composer, songwriter, arranger and educator not to mention visual artist there is little doubt her prolific talents would leave their indelible mark throughout this stellar release from Resonance. "Hershey Bar" is put through a clever twist with original lyrics from Kosins and emerges as "Hershey's Kiss." A June Christy favorite "Lullaby In Rhythm" is also given a more uptempo sonic makeover with Kosins mutli-talented approach indeed making old school new cool again.

In the hands of a lesser artist To The Ladies of Cool could have easily taken on the personality of a bad Vegas lounge act but take the prolific talents of Kathy Kosins and the commitment to the finest recordings available from Resonance Records and the end result is a winner!

Tracks: Learnin' The Blues; Nightbird; Don't Wait Up For Me; All I Need Is You; Free And Easy; Hershey's Kisses; Lullaby In Rhythm; November Twilight; Kissing Bug; Where Are You?

Personnel: Vocals: Kathy Kosins; Piano:Tamir Hendelman: bass (1,5,7,8,10) Kevin Axt; Bass (2,3,4,6,9) Paul Keller; Guitar: Graham Dechter; Drums, Vibes Bob Leatherbarrow; Woodwinds: Steve Wilkerson; Trumpet, Flugelhorn:Gilbert Castelllanos.