Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ellynne Plotnick I Will Princess Monkey 2012

Ellynne Plotnick is out of the singer/songwriter mode that drives critics not to mention label executives nuts because she is not easily type cast into the myriad of sub-genres that are confusing the jazz idiom today. Naturally I felt compelled to add my own sub genre that is "N.P.R Jazz" solid, well performed but a bit off the beaten path and this is a good thing. Paralysis by analysis is killing jazz. There is no other genre of music that is placed under the critical microscope and debated ad naseum as is jazz. So let's concentrate on the artist and not the career killing labels that are at time put into place simply so the label can more easily market what they in turn consider to be their product.

I Will embraces somewhat of  a beat nick cool school approach to vocal jazz from a very individualistic perspective. Normally during a harsh winter one might take refugee in their home and tend to the mundane chores of cleaning out closets, reading a good book and perhaps catching up on other domestic use and care tasks long over looked. During the freeze of 2010, Plotnick held up in her residence and began putting pen to paper as it where and came up with ten lean and mean ( economical enough to record thank you Mr. Obama ) tunes that while certainly stripped down or somewhat unplugged in nature added a tremendous aesthetic appeal to the project.

The Lennon/McCartney cover of "I Will" does fitting justice to a classic and actually helps reinvent the tune without crossing over any boundaries or sacrificing the proverbial sacred cows that bear the "Lennon/McCartney" tag as writers. "This Is Always" is an intoxicating tune, a breath of spring recorded in the dead of winter. Guitarist John Tropea and bassist Harvie S are the perfect accompanists for a project that is cool jazz introduction for some and a much needed refresher for others. "Please Forget Me" is a delightful tune with some lyrical satyr not to mention a subtle bossa nova groove where lyrical bassist Harvie S lays down a wonderful line followed by a straight line solo from Tropea. Closing with "I Want A Place In Your Heart" with Tropea on acoustic guitar there is a fitting conclusion to a bear bones recording whose impact is far larger than the cost factor involved to create such a delightful work.

Those that are fans of the singer/songwriter vibe will have a field day with this incredibly solid release. Plotnick's lyrics are every bit as solid as her vocals. John Tropea and Harvie S turn this recording into a wonderful trio certainly worthy of a listen. An absolute winner!

Tracks: Falling: I Will; Manha De Carnaval; Rosa Lee; Anywhere But Here; This Is Always; Please Forget Me; I'm Sorry, I Really Meant It This Time; Sonar Es; I Want A Place In Your Heart,

Personnel: Ellynne Plotnick: vocals; Harvie S: bassist; John Tropea: guitar.

Special Thanks To Jim at Jazz Promo Services.