Saturday, March 24, 2012

Donna Singer Take The Day Off Escape With Jazz 2012

They call it the music business for a reason. There are millions singers, instrumentalists and bands that can spend the better part of their adult life working to develop their talent and share their gift with the world. The sad fact in the music business is that there is a plethora of high quality talent that goes unnoticed or if they garner the recognition they seek then the competition is so incredibly stiff for that all important commercial dollar you find a great many artists that simply get lost in the shuffle.

Donna Singer is a first call vocalist. Singer hits a nice happy place between the cabaret and the more straight ahead old school vocal jazz and with an effervescent spirit and impeccable phrasing there is certainly no lack of talent. In some cases versatility can be a musical Achilles heal but Singer and a top flight band have the chops to make the transition to stylistic variety included on this set. "Take The Day Off" is vibrant swing kicking off a rock steady release. The standard "The More I See You" is a wonderful arrangement including the piano solo of Billy Alfred and the bass work of Doug Richards anchors a more than capable rhythm section with a soulful lyrical flair. A far more traditional arrangement of "The Good Life"may show off the pristine vocals of Singer as well as any tune on the release.

A contemporary yet old school look at vocal jazz for those tired of the more familiar names and faces consistently tossed out by the major labels. Singer received formal training at Julliard along with being a skilled pianist is currently the lead soloist in the Swing Shift Orchestra, a 17 piece big band playing the music of Glenn Miller and Count Basie. If one's vocal taste leans a bit more old school but with some contemporary voicing then you may indeed want to "Take The Day Off!"

Tracks: Take The Day Off, The Sweetest Sound, I Have Gone, The More I See You, Reve Aver, The Good Life, I Could Write A Book, Paradise, Tread Easy, Alright, Okay, You Win, And This Is Why, No One' To Blame, Felice, But Not For Me.

Personnel: Donna Singer:vocals; Doug Richards: bass; BillAlfred: piano; Mike Cervone:drums.
Guest Artists: Jeff Otis: guitar; Larry Balestra:drums; Peter Kwon: alto saxophone; Warren Cahil:trumpet; Bill Fleck: trombone.