Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brent Canter Urgency Of Now Posi-Tone 2011


Creating your own distinctive voice.

Brent Canter has just raised the bar if not slightly altered the rules for the organ based 4tet in modern jazz. Canter is a student of the great Kenny Burrell and perhaps the biggest surprise for most would be there is minimal musical resemblance throughout Urgency Of Now. If a musical frame of reference is a must and sometimes they are simply unavoidable perhaps a more post-bop Pat Metheny sound would be appropriate.

Canter serves up eight post modern gems that while in odd time signatures these compositions avoid the self indulgent pitfalls so many young artists seem destined to find. Brent Canter is focusing on texture and rhythm as is clear with two different organists on this date and veteran tenor saxophonist Seamus Blake riding shotgun over the proceedings. Canter's keen melodic sense kicks off the dreamy opener "Dialogue." Blake would appear to be the perfect yin to Canter's yang while a textured synergy seems to merge both voices effortlessly. "Settle Down" is a gorgeous ballad with infectious harmonic development. Pat Bianchi provides the additional texture on organ with the finesse of drummer Jordan Perlson's brushwork, easily one of the many highlights of this remarkable outing. "Marina Del Rey" is another bright and breezy tune played with a lyrical sense of purpose overriding that keen Canter melodic feel as mentioned earlier. Organist Adam Klipple lays down a passionate solo while drummer Jordan Perlson simply owns the pocket. 

Brent Canter is a unique talent. The phrase "sounds like..." simply does not apply. Urgency Of Now is not Brent Canter playing Kenny Burrell. Urgency Of Now is Brent Canter doing a riff on Brent Canter and with impeccable flair and artistic precision. Canter is a name to remember and Urgency Of Now is a remarkable release from a rising star!

5 Stars!

Track Listing: Dialogue; Meet Me Halfway; Settle Down; A Long Way From Home; Transitions; With Eyes Closed; Marina Del Rey; Urgency Of Now. .
Personnel: Brent Canter: guitar; Seamus Blake: tenor saxophone; Adam Klipple: organ (1, 4-7); Pat Bianchi: organ (2, 3, 8); Jordan Perlson: drums.